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maurices is hiring.
When Maurices was in town doing there Small Town Charm photo shoot they took pictures of it with the models. The next morning they went back to get a few more and the bulldozer was there tearing it do + 101 more characters
Dustin is my cousin, and an hour ago he went in for another surgery, but is still in critical condition. Doctor said he had to stablized before surgery could be preformed. They have all his internal b + 76 more characters
Yes, he was flown to Seattle that night. He has a severly crushed/severed liver. He was (30 units of blood)out of surgery at one pm Saturday night, but is still open and will have two or three more su + 74 more characters
my 6 year old loves it. we had to replay it five times! lol
need anything fixed?...trees, roofs, siding ect. Licensed, insured. 853-6622 Dave
this is for all ages?
i went to elementary school with Garrett until he moved, actually i lived a block down the steet from him.
I didnt take this picture, but its one of my all time favorites. I hope you all like it too. url okay i admit it, i cant figure out how to post the image either.
So how can something be new and improved? If its new than it cannot be improved on, and if its improved then is it really still new? Why is called alcoholics anonymous if you have to stand up at the b + 212 more characters
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