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One thing to keep in mind for the shore fishermen...... Not every boat flying by you is doing it so close and fast to just upset you. The river is not for novice boaters. In many places you need to be + 238 more characters
Your father was a good man! He took very good care of us rails. He will be missed by many and in our hearts. Sending you and your family prayers from miles city!
"If you ran into a salesman at the chevy dealership who was down in the dumps it could be a bad experience but you wouldn't have to swear off chevrolet for a lifetime." Your right I wouldnt!!! But you + 63 more characters
There must be a serious lack of training then or something. We had one stop at our house when I was out of town working. My wife was home alone with at newborn when someone came and rang the doorbell + 498 more characters
I have a wonderful idea. I have tried this before and for some reason my post disappeared. All of Fort and Dickinson need yield signs. There are numerous wrecks on both streets every year. THis really + 38 more characters
I agree Levi. I worked in fast food management for many years and have been to many corporate schoolings and there is a reason they are built where they are. If im traveling and want a chicken filet, + 351 more characters
Well! I will let ya in on a little secret. Down by Riverside Park is a beautiful location...But, beauty doesnt sell chicken Fillets, right? You need to be thinking near the interstate or on Haynes Ave + 291 more characters
What do you call 4 lepers in a hot tub?...........Soup
Ok..Im not trying to stir the pot any but isnt a hospital one of the few things that are recession proof? Just a thought, as I am curious what will be said. People are going to get sick no matter what + 551 more characters
Go Cards!!!!!!
Tanna....2lbs burger, 1/2 lb breakfast sausage, 1 bag of mexican flavored rice (the easy stuff in the bags at the store) 3 egss. Mix it all together, cover with tin foil and bake for 1 hour at 350. ta + 238 more characters
Wow Rob! One of two things here. Either you are a very knowledgeable man or your extremely full of crap. Maybe you should run for office next go round and see if you can make a change. I would be will + 393 more characters
You both have good points but still I would much rather buy a house than rent one. We got one we could afford and it is only increasing in value. Housing markets nation wide are going in the dump, I a + 637 more characters
I have a simple solution. Buy a house. Assets vs. liability. There are some houses for sale over there and the really cool thing about buying a home, you can do what you want to it.
Support Hillary, Go to the bar!!!!!!! Thats one heck of a campaign slogan.
My only complaint is all the political hype in the BHS parade. It wasnt just this year, its every year. Other than that I think it is always a nice parade. The political hype would be no bid deal eith + 116 more characters
I checked it out. Not to bad there Jizosh. You need to turn up the vocalists mic though. She is drown out kind of badly on the website.
Ok.....You got me, highschool doesnt count though. Really when did this whole thing come about and what are you playing?
Joshua!!!!!! Since when did you get involved with a band.
Thats funny because when I looked at it, it also said "wet" the whole way and was supposedly updated at 7 a.m. I will have to check it out again. Thanks
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