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Oh, and I believe the "coverages you already have" saying Obama lied were all changes made because of the initial Health Reform act But I will not argue the truth of that article. Although I did just + 325 more characters
And we all know everything you read in the media is 100% truth
I believe the movie poster on the left was the now showing and the one on the right was coming attractions or coming soon. At least that is what I remember from standing in line waiting for the Wednes + 30 more characters
I remember going to Tempo's for about everything. Then I would wander over to Kosty's Curiosity Shop to look at all the neat things they had. Not sure where I spent the most time or money. Of course, + 41 more characters
And spamming already.
I have not had that experience with insurance at all. I have 4 children and have had to replace quite a few phones. I usually had the replacement phone within 2-3 days. And they replaced 3 phones in a + 314 more characters
Whether you choose to rent from them or not, I think you should at least call and file a formal complaint. The landlord needs to know and be held accountable for breaking the housing laws. It may just + 149 more characters
May not be a kid at all. Graffiti is not limited to kids. It can be young adults, about just about anyone. Regardless, I hope the culprits get caught and take responsibility for their actions.
I second all of the above. My Uncle was medic in this war. Our gratitude cannot be expressed enough.
I have noticed drop boxes at the Airport Inn and at Miles City Vision Clinic. I am not sure of anywhere else.
I was speaking with someone that is acquainted with the person that owned the plane. Among those killed were his 2 daughters, his sons-in- law, and his 7 grandchildren as well as the pilot. She didn't + 215 more characters
Class of 1981 had 196 graduates. We began with 204.
Thank you Chris for the update and the information on helping out with medical expenses. I hope all that can pitch in will find it in their hearts to do so. Get well soon Roc.
I want to pass on my thoughts and prayers to the families of all involved and the community of Miles City. Tragic accidents such as this are never easy on anyone. We all must band together and do what + 327 more characters
I am in Wibaux now. I do occasionally run into Zelda in Glendive. You are right. We do need more people to join this sight. It is a great one. Keep in touch. And thanks.
Hi Dana. Glad you responded. I had almost decided that the class of 81 wasn't around any where. I saw Kathy Ohnstad Waldo and her family in Miles City this weekend. Too bad we didn't all run into each + 104 more characters
I am looking for classmates from 1981. I see several names I recognize from other years, but not many from then. Just curious as to which people are still around.
And decided to head for some grub Was that better?
The batter looked at his broom
Sunlight falls to sea Dancing softly with the waves
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