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Did anyone else not have a good experience with the Island Noodles this year at the BHS? Seemed to be burned, and not much flavor.
In last nights MC star they had the story about the free dump day. There was a list of places to take certain things to be recycled. Does anyone know where to take an old TV (15 years old) that does n + 44 more characters
I was only 3 mo. old,so I don't remember it,but my Grandparents and family were die hard JFK fans. I have always been interested in the whole thing. I belive the whole truth will never be known.
shrimp & black olive pizza still the best!
Great concert tonight!!! Williams&Ree can't be beat. Mark Chestnutt sang for well over an hour. Tonights concert was WAY better than last years---at least Mark was not drunk!Good job Fair board
call 234-6212 they own it.
Mrs.M, All you need to do is call Pinehills and talk to someone and get the facts stright.There are no murders,or sex offenders working at local the business.If some of the youth don't get a chance to + 113 more characters
give me your # and I'll get ahold of Aunt and see if you can cut her plant, ans I'll let you know.
Just an FYI, Mitch is the general manager of Miles City Sanitation and his wife Carrie worked for years at PHYCF,and now is the Drug Court Cordinator. They have two boys,Joey in 10th grade at CCDHS & + 27 more characters
Doug cleaned my ducts 4 years when I bought my house.He got all the yucky old dog and cat smell out.He said the ducks had lots of hair in them. He did a wonderful job.
I heard the other day that the Board Walks still has 2 years on this lease.
hope they do not close---they do have great food & good service.
Does anyone know if there is a fire around M.C.? There sure is alot of smoke in the air.
11 days left till the reunion.. come one come all to the Trails Inn,from 7pm - 9pm.
like the Co-op idea, I would support it.
I agree with the statments about the lack of things on the shelves. The other issue is the how bad the store looks in general. There are tiles missing,red tape holding others down and the store is not + 171 more characters
there was talk of something opening up down town-any new news on that??
not sure if he would want to judge,but my brother went to BBQ judging school in MO in April. if this goes I'll ask him.
It has come our attention that we may have missed a few classmates from the mailing list. If you have not recived or know someone from the class that has not recived a letter about the 30 year class r + 87 more characters
has anyone heard what they are doing about the superintendent position? I heard that there were 6 ppl that applied this last time and it closed on May 1st.If the board can't find someone who fits thie + 112 more characters
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