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Thank you...there has been tremendous support...kind words, thoughts and prayers...from so many! As my brother said..."It's not a road we could have traveled alone".
The funeral for Wendy will be this Friday in Memphis. David was to be discharged from the hospital yesterday. A memorial service and internment will take place in Miles City once David is able to trav + 39 more characters
The Small Faces and Faces should have been listed separately. They were two separate bands in the same was that Led Zeppelin was not The Yardbirds. I woiuld vote for both bands....
Have you considered filing a complaint with the state? They HAVE to look into your concerns. 406-444-2099
I think I remember it was out on the road going out to the valley.
Could someone be "hunting" at night?
The Small Faces. Enough said.
Listen to the very wise webmaster...."once a chater always a cheater" is absolutely true....they just learn to get better at the lies.
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