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It was that whiskey river. I apologize, I've used this site inappropriately to be a smart ass when in the mood. Some of you make it so easy though. In the future, I would like contribute more intellig + 18 more characters
I can be such a dumbass, but, my youngest son left me with a bearded dragon. They will spin the wheels, so to say, for a blueberry. I hear it leaves the dragons with a calcium deficiency and as I am, + 404 more characters
I put up a profile picture, mostly to draw attacks from those I'm sorry to say, made fun of. I see the profile picture in my account but does not transfer to postings. Did I do something wrong. DJ
If you were talking about me, it's about time to turn in, with access to the key, Regards, Otis! See you all when I get out of Jail. Love you guys! [Edited by DJanssen (3/18/2021 5:21:30 PM)]
You'll only get my thumbs up if you really are the "Dude". [Edited by DJanssen (3/18/2021 5:06:15 PM)]
Oh! Frank! I loved you in MASH. How is Margaret doing?
You know a lot of our kin, went to Florida or Arizona to retire. Yea, opened myself up for the critics, whew, have at it!!!! I'd rather retire in Mn or Mt. Vote below on where you want me to settle an + 397 more characters
I'd rather be a Florida man than the best that MC can offer (not fair, referring to only a select few on this platform)! Oh! I love this site, don't get me wrong. Still pissed that my profile pic has + 124 more characters
And for the follower's, I've rejected any help, even though, my business has been set back a bit :_) Yea, just a bit. American dream, think about it. Keep plug'n along.
I bet 52% will not click, the other side, the silent majority, Well, good luck for you, your click here will not mean a thing (a schitt). I'm just here to shake you guys up a bit. Our tax dollars are + 36 more characters
Too many of you on this site need a wakeup call! Thumbs up only for memories of wake up call's, not my political views. Just for fun. [Edited by DJanssen (3/18/2021 1:32:31 PM)]
You won't find it! Think for yourselves!
And Frank! If, and I'll be open, I feel that, that response was for me. Who was it for actually? I love to communicate, I'm not good at virtual arguments / conversations. Was that for me? I challenge + 119 more characters
Ok! gentlemen, fella's, ah, what is acceptable, Lady's, Ms. Mrs. oh my god! It's tough to live these days with all the rules. Would you please provide a greeting that satisfies all who visit this foru + 2 more characters
OMG, that's funny Frank, and strange that I got a new pop-up that I've never seen before. Were you talking about me. Cause I'm just a little paranoid!
C'mon Bridger, your better at history than that!
Oh! You guys hang together so tight. I'm back. Maybe I do need a host for my profile pic. I'll work on it though, I am distracted by the whiskey river video. It may take me a bit to get my profile pic + 10 more characters
What is the name for a dog in heat prior to bitch?
Tucker, how would you like to be pushed over the edge, a little red dirt dance off! You all are use to being precious but there are new old people in town. Well, I'm not there yet, but think/n bout i + 282 more characters
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