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The Blob, etc. etc. Gotta go home, I'm one lucky dude. See ya later.
I like new words. But dang, what did you say?
No Reply from the MC.COM Rat Pack! Loved those movies. How bout we smoke a joint and reminisce. [Edited by DJanssen (8/26/2021 4:53:55 PM)] [Edited by DJanssen (8/26/2021 4:55:20 PM)] [Edited by DJan + 28 more characters
I agree. I have no further thoughts or arguments that would top that. I'm with ya! [Edited by DJanssen (8/26/2021 3:42:31 PM)] [Edited by DJanssen (8/26/2021 4:32:45 PM)]
If only to lighten things up a bit. Karen, those piggy banks are so cool! I love stuff like that. You are kind hearted. As opposed as we may seem, I'm with ya.
And you were able to delete that spontaneous response. I would have too!
OMG, I could use so many profanities! Why substitute them for intelligent conversation. You just lost one star!
I'm not in the mood for mindless b.s. today. I'll give him a little credit that his b.s. was posted a day ago or so. Anyone you guy's age should know better. I would apologize for much less, but that' + 198 more characters
David, I respect you...mostly, and you think I don't realize that? That is not my point. C'mon you know what I mean.
You know Bridgier, for someone that likes to tell others to shut up, you sure have a rough time doing it yourself. That cute little play on the word procreate is getting a little old too.
Thank You, in more ways than one, but mostly for your service and an intelligent response! I kinda...(add many more dots and question marks) wish I had the life experiences you have. One should refrai + 252 more characters
I take the lack of political diatribe on here as a good sign. I think we all have thoughts about those less fortunate than us at this time. Mothers, Children and Fathers fearing what the next day will + 274 more characters
Oh Gunnar, That's OK. That or cautious of starting something with me! I understand. It can jump start a persons interested in cooking though.
Anybody else use Hello Fresh or similar types of meal plans . The ingredients they provide are unique to our way of cooking. Having all the goods and step by step instructions in one bag, I don't mind + 236 more characters
Karen, Sorry in retrospect, Oh, I feel for you today. 4H, you may have been a member? To raise a fat steer, feed and groom it, then have to take it to the fair to sell was pretty tough on a some of us + 332 more characters
Deleted by DJ [Edited by DJanssen (7/23/2021 10:38:14 AM)] [Edited by DJanssen (7/24/2021 7:01:49 AM)]
From an undisclosed source, Waseca Boys Basketball won MN State 1918 and only again in 2020. I'm still not hoping for another epidemic. Not worth it! [Edited by DJanssen (7/23/2021 1:25:12 PM)]
OMG, that was was off topic! I apologize. And appreciate the thumbs down. DJ [Edited by DJanssen (7/23/2021 10:06:12 AM)]
I like my ad's much better today!
Amorette, What are you referencing this too! My ears are open. "Actively trying to kill viewers"? DJ [Edited by DJanssen (7/23/2021 9:49:06 AM)]
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