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What is the name for a dog in heat prior to bitch?
Tucker, how would you like to be pushed over the edge, a little red dirt dance off! You all are use to being precious but there are new old people in town. Well, I'm not there yet, but think/n bout i + 282 more characters
Thank You Dave, I figured there was someone sane out there!
Gunnar, I'd like to eat you for lunch. Where do dine? Just conversational wise, for the record. You guys really need as apposing view but I've not time for it, until today. You might not hear from me + 63 more characters
Gunnar, you'd best just watch what's happening and not participate. Just a suggestion. I do not trust your judgment. I'd rather have Biden as president than you! Go Biden, or Kamala.....Please correct + 201 more characters
Oh! you are smart. Thank You for the lesson. I'll be back. Smart Ass. Strange how Montanan's go for the pipe, bet you voted for one did'nt you! [Edited by DJanssen (2/15/2021 9:41:53 PM)]
Just like you all, got to play the phrases to get over the filter.
I'm trying to post my picture. Is it a bandwidth thingy or what 's up!
My Wife could wear that bikini!!!!
Are you guys slow or just doing something like whatching tV?
I swear, I'm not stupid. Is it posting thing or profile update? I'd like to get some attention anyway I can! [Edited by DJanssen (2/15/2021 7:51:06 PM)]
I'm trying my best to post a picture of me!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most anticipated profile release in history. The Greatest, soon to come. so how do I update my profile picture? If I hear orange, either by + 91 more characters
Soory for the delay, How about we grow up together. How do you do hand in hand? Putative is about the most legit word I've heard on this site. It exceeds my self respect by quite a margin, I do like t + 681 more characters
I beat you by 2 minutes on that Meth bullcrap post. You have no clue do you bud!
Oh no! Going back to your profile picture, that's not alcohol that causes that look. Me sorry to say, pretty innocent here, just like to give arseholes crap.
The best thing you could do, is put a vented plug in your arse and use that precious by-product to light whatever your puttin in your pipe!
OMG! I've been gone too long. I love your humor!!! Thought I was going to pass out but finally caught my breath! Oh schitt's creek here we go again! [Edited by DJanssen (2/15/2021 3:22:52 PM)]
Crap! Even when Trump won, I was't this shameless! Shame on you!
Attempted to volunteer as a vaccine tester a couple months back, Shoot!, the'd pay up to $700, was it because I was a smoker, I was rejected? That's fine but I felt marginalized, wanted to help but co + 333 more characters
You all would be best served by anticipating the future and capitalizing on the bet. I'm not that smart but felling cocky at momment! You know I can't spell, hell don't even read, I work, take a breat + 172 more characters
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