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What you say, sounds like you've been defeated quite early. The pendulum always swings, god help up us if it stands still!
You go girl! Nuclear baseline energy! Unless you can build a better battery!
First thing this morning, glad I looked. My first thought was oh, no! Ok, I see Trevor Noah. Never been a fan. Those clips do not look good. I've so often seen out of context audio/video. It does not + 1363 more characters
So, where did that come from.
You would not believe the BS I was fed. I cut short the video as it made me nervous.
Hold on! I'll watch.
Oh my, another video. No, not going to watch it. I'm thinking for myself. That's why I'm so dumb.
I so much appreciate the change of current subject, even though I fed the fire! I cannot relate unfortunately to the later posts. I just think hair spray. I'm outmatched.
Dude, Personally I'd have to consider myself agnostic. I would like to believe. When times get rough, I tend to gravitate towards the want for help from something greater than what I can understand. F + 874 more characters
I had hoped I was dealing with someone on another level.
Oh! found it, there is a place in Hell for Me. You as well as I, need to remember what we post. I fight against the odds, the silent majority. Please excuse any whitespace, oh, no whitespace for you. + 43 more characters
I have! Any critique.
Have you ever really looked at yourself.
Brigdier, that too easy for you, You can do better.
Had to look up orc's. You like video games?
Maybe I should introduce you to the term of windmilling.
As far as the difference between a man and a women. Ask the NCAA.
If you only met me Gunnar. This is the exact problem with being a keyboard warrior. I know I'm not dealing with idiots. I love to poke the ant hill. You have a nice big one that I can see from my back + 8 more characters
Bridger you could do a little white space yourself. As far as Ginsburgian, who are you referring too? Educate me. If you don't mind. Thanks.
Damn, I was going to edit that, but take it as it is.
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