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I agree CenturyLink is by far better. And if you need something they are there the next day. Price is a fraction also.
I have definitely noticed it just not quite that frequent.. gets annoying but it's still ten times better than midrivers.
The whole series has been that way, it keeps you on the edge the entire game. GO DALLAS.
I love Qwest
Go to Terry, it is the best you can ask for anywhere. period.
I wish all the customers could actually understand that.
I work there and people don't know how hard it is to please everyone... do you people want sloppy sandwiches to make the line go faster or take a couple extra seconds and make a nice sandwich? Either + 24 more characters
Very true and that's what keeps us coming back for more.
Hey Josh I bought your ex car did Zach from Deluxe call you? He was going to see if you had another key or not, they only had one.
ok thanks i think i got it yay i did
Mine is demolished. I guess go xavier? Oh and random question, how do you edit your posts? I see people doing it all the time but I can't figure out how.
u had the right too... i over-reacted. and i especially have no right to say anything about him since i don't know him. i thought it was a total different person.
sorry i didnt mean to say anything bad it just kinda makes u think when something like that happens. i didnt mean to offend anyone i shouldnt have posted anything. sorry again.
he's been caught.. it was a white id say 01-03 chevy silverado.
that SOB almost hit me on main street by the star... was goin up the street and he came up behind me doin atleast 70mph and i swerved and went up on the sidewalk and he still almost hit me. i would ha + 13 more characters
is it down again?
Qwest for the win
definately the rib and chop.. you cant beat their steak and baked potatoes!
I would say kudos to the police department. Without them we would have even more crazy idiots in our streets. not that we dont still have plenty of them...
what is a good site for renting videos? i mean a GOOD site. not one of those that trys to get u to join 1,495,446,765,456 cajillion other sites before it'll let u watch it.
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