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you know that the only thing that has gone down like this is computers. this gas price in the end is only hurt us in the end. sure gas has gone up but so has everything elso has too. gas really has on + 343 more characters
I have a hard time how the federal government legalizes a product such as tobacco that they know kills, alcohol that they know kills half the traffic accidents in the united states which is about 2000 + 345 more characters
I had advertised a haunted house at 607 Mississippi earlier in this forum but those plans have gone aloft and we will not be having one this year. sorry kids Monte
both weight about 80lbs one is a redbone hound and the other is a black lab and husky. just lost in the 600 Mississippi block. Please call 2344417 if found. Thank you, Monte
Both are big dogs but are friendly. One is black and the other is a dark red. If found please call 2344417. Somehow they got out of the house early this morn. Thank you, Monte Hood Dogs found Thank yo + 2 more characters
again the dog proves smarter than the human and I have again lost my redbone hound with a red collar and a black dog with a blue collar and tags. plesase call 2344417 if you see them please...this wee + 56 more characters
its happened again..hes an escape artist...everytime if fix where he is getting out he finds another. he has his friend who is mostly black with a blue collar..please call 2344417. thank you
lost dog in the 607 Mississippi area. if found please call 2344417 thank you
thank you for your post. we are going to pick him up now. Monte
For those who came to our house for halloween we did take pictures and they are up at: url Enjoy the pictures and thank you for making our Halloweens enjoyable by seeing all the kids.
Even riverside would work. Need a fence to enclose the dogs and have it so peeps can clean up after thier dogs. doesnt have to be huge and would be a great place for dogs to meet and also dog lovers. + 233 more characters
DOG PARK 12 years ago
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What this town needs is a dog park.
Should Miles City Mens'Pool League go to Open Pool League?
She used to bartend at the TI
I just miss the event is all. Very educational for both old and young
Are we not having this event this year??? I really hope its now true.
On August 4th, 2007 there will be a benefit for Katy Darling. To help defray medical expenses Family Friendly Picnic & Tournaments at the Yellowstone Tavern Brian Lester's infamous Fish Fry Starts at + 200 more characters
Tell me Bob..Where do you get a Bob L popup blocker?? Nice to know that some of our miles city peeps still are premadonnas and know how to contribute to conversations.
Check it out. url There are pictures. And that url you used has a nice popup on it..thank you very little.
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Lost jeep key fob if found please call or txt 4068530903 Thanks