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Glad there are classes like this. Thank you.
Thanks a million times for the shoes!! Appreciate your kindness.
Here are the List of Rental Properties . So do you know the price range they can afford? and do you want somebody to donate a time too to call these rental properties to see which one has available ? + 1756 more characters
Do you have specific things you know that they need? Will they take anything? Furniture, dishes, etc ... I have a 45 gallon baby girls clothes ages 0 to 3 T. that I can give if they want it. All our r + 383 more characters
Sorry I got into this post by mistake...and could not remove my name Does anybody know how to completely remove a post here? Thanks.
Hey Carli, try to talk to the Principal at Garfield School as soon as you can , she is very nice she might be able to help you. She helped me before with my problem related to other school . She is ve + 58 more characters
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how much is the monthly fee?
I also agree and support that chickens should be allowed here in Miles city. Will you also please post here the decision of the city council. Thanks.
Does anybody know what is the population of Miles City and the number of houses ? Thanks.
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