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Righteous Vendetta Concert 7:00pm @ in the worship center Righteous vendetta is a Christian/rock band from Powell Wyoming. Come out and enjoy some LOUD Christian music. All ages invited!!!
January 29th 2-5
Open skate regular time. Sunday 2-5
Watch for the times in the miles city star Thursday and Friday paper.
Time change for open skate on the 29 th. 3:30 to 5:30. We have home games!!! Come on out and watch some hockey. Free admission!!! Concession will be open!!!
Sorry Matt about the schedule. Every Sunday until end of February. 2 pm to 5 pm. Cost is $2.00/skate rentals $2.00 for 12 and younger for admission and $3.00 for over 12 for admission. So could total + 149 more characters
Yes every Sunday until end of February 2-5
OPEN SKATE 9 years ago
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open skate schedule for Christmas break: Monday December 26 12-3 Tuesday December 27 12-3 Wednesday December 28 12-3 Thursday December 29 12-3 Friday December 30 12-3 Sunday January 1st 2-5 cost is $2 + 150 more characters
Don't forget registration Wednesday September 21 4-7 MCC room 317
Room 317 MCC September 21 4-7
Yes there will be open skate Sunday's 1-4 I think but will keep you posted. I can't remember the smallest skate size but I think it is size 12. Pretty small.
I know that we had a little girl that was 4 when she started and that was pretty small but you should see her now. It has only been two years but she is like a bean in a skillet on the ice. The cost f + 309 more characters
Registration for Youth hockey program September 21, 2011 MCC Need to sign up on and bring the printed form to registration. All ages for boys and girls. Never skated or played hockey the + 129 more characters
Is there a lot of people there? If I am fat and out of shape I don't want everyone looking at me and get grossed out.
Just want to remind skaters of our hours Thursday and Friday of this week December 29 and 30 12-3. Sunday January 2 2-5. Come out and enjoy some skating.
It is every Sunday 2-5 and Christmas break from 12-3 (M-F)
There is a small fee. $3.00 for adults and $2.00 for 11 and under. $2.00 for skate rentals.
What: Open Skate Where: Agri Sports Complex (out by fairgrounds) When: December 19, 2010 Time: 2-5 Concessions will be open
I was afraid of that. You are so right. I was hoping that someone here in town had some magical machine that would do it. I will do some checking on renting a camcorder because that is why I am wantin + 94 more characters
I would like to have all my 8mm tapes turned into DVD's does anyone know any place that does this?
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