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Sorry but it's not the linggs dog
Kurt is there anyway I could get some pictures from this video or a copy of the video?? Most of it was taped by my parents ranch.. Thanks you can email [email protected] yahoo.com
they have pre paid visa cards all walmart they are easy to use and cost three dollars to load.. It just like a credit card.
Is there a big enought call for this in Miles City to have 2 pickup locations?? Or is that even possible to have 2 in one town? I know there are several people that were not able to get in on this ord + 19 more characters
Josh, I can promise you they dont connect to midrivers in broadus or ashland I have an At&t smart phone and it will not connect to midrivers. My inlaws have verizon non smart phones and they still get + 102 more characters
If you have a smart phone it does not matter if you have at&t or verizon service. You will not get service on a midrivers tower ever with a smart phone until they get 3G service, so with that said ser + 228 more characters
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Good Luck! Two years and still nothing?
Very nice Thank You! All the other people who have nothing better to do than put someone down for saying Thank You to some people for saving her husbands life! Get a life of your own! People write Tha + 135 more characters
They have been remodeling the olive the bar is all done, and they are planing on doing the hotel next its not that bad of a place, its just old.
Why can't we get guns n roses or some rock band to come for BHS? Now that would be fun!
Overnight care for your child available Friday May 19th. The cost is only $36.00 From 6:00pm friday until 8:00 am Saturday. Dinner will be offered at 6:30 pm along with a nutritios snack and breakfast + 120 more characters
Yes there is a race in miles city this weekend it is on sunday at 10am turn right at collins and follow the signs to get to the track..
Happy Birthday Noah! Love Kora Caleb and Connor
Eric, does joe own macs? You need to ask yourself this before you say names how would he no the truth about anything im sure kenny does not just go and tell everyone and for sure not his techs.
Maybe there going to put a "SUPER K-MART" up there? I guess everyone is going to have to wait and see,i know the suspense is going to kill the "MILES CITY VOICE"!
I heard that cosco is going in there!
There going to WIN!
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