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Richard it's good to be back. I log in each day to see what's new in Miles City. My sister Sue complained last night that she just cleared the sidewalk and it was full of snow again. Lot's of good mem + 183 more characters
I went with friends to see Keith Urban on Sunday and had a great time! I'm also listening to the new Scott Sapp, Foo Fighters and Aerosmith. Going to see Aerosmith with Lenny Kravitz in February. Hap + 170 more characters
Hi Eric, Thanks for the did a great job! I am from Miles City and I got a call this afternoon from Mel Smith my friend who told me about the wreck. Good thing no one got hurt. Have a gre + 31 more characters
Hi Richard, I think I remember that story about the Coors Light! I had forgotten and you just made me crack up! How is Martha doing? Sure wish you all well and hope your new year is filled with great + 14 more characters
Now Richard, Do you really think Diane (Zee) and I would get into any trouble?? It was probably us along with Toni Wilhelm! You know us Sacred Heart kids were responsible right Richard? Good memories + 1 more characters
I too remember spending many a night eating with my family at the Crossroads and having the buffet. I had more grenadine sundaes and Shirley Temples there than I can count. I learned how to dance ther + 770 more characters
Merry Christmas from Chris Choate-Raible. The weather is chilly but clear tonight in Phoenix, and I just returned from dinner with my kids. I'm starting a fire in the fireplace and we are going to wat + 172 more characters
O.K.~I remember having just learned how to "spin cookies" or "spin donuts" and took my friends in my dad's T-Bird behind the football field and did my best..we laughed so hard and I didn't think about + 836 more characters
Looking out my window in Phoenix I see the mountains and cactus in the distance, with some of the most colorful sunsets you will see. ( that is unless you are sitting near the ocean at sunset in Kauai + 133 more characters
Hi Joan..I remember my sister Sue calling you "Joanie" They all still call me Chrissie so some things don't change! I do remember buying cookies from you! We will be in Miles City from July 27-August + 482 more characters
I have to add that I would often walk home from Sacred Heart with Diane Ziebarth (Zee) and Toni Wilhelm and it would take us quite awhile to get there because we would have our routine of stopping by + 1103 more characters
I also have great memories of going to KYUS and participating in the Spelling Bee. One fateful year I came down with chicken pox and I couldn't participate so I laid on the couch and watched my Sacred + 262 more characters
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