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I'm trying to get an overall opinion of how people feel about our president. Not just for one specific decision. Are you proud or ashamed of him?
So, I assume, you think he is doing a good job. Not in comparison to other presidents.
If so please explain why
Maybe we will elect another intelligent "Republican". [Edited by TiredofBS (5/6/2021 12:57:02 AM)] [Edited by TiredofBS (5/6/2021 12:58:07 AM)]
Three cheers+ for Caleb!!!
LMAO! Great Post. We could just vent a cloud around Miles City, then everyone would be too hysterical to be condescending. Is that a good plan?
Why? You haven't locked up Hillary!
Isn't it true that he voted for sanctuary cities? If so he hasn't any right to be a senator in my opinion.
69.74% voter turnout. Very impressive!
Where is it located?
Perhaps if the fire dept. only took a pickup with two extra men to follow the ambulance on non-fire calls instead of running a pumper truck each time they could save money on fuel and maintenance cost + 195 more characters
I believe the only foreign policy Mrs. Clinton knows is how to negotiate the largest sum of money for the sale of any aspect of our nation. The total to be deposited to her accounts.
Anyone ever heard of "Munchausen Syndrome"?
I knew I could count on you, Bridger, to speak and remove all doubt.
How well has evolution worked for you?
Hal, thanks for the link but don't confuse me with facts as my mind is made up.
I believe I have stated my position quite clearly. At the risk of causing "undue pain" I would like to thank Bridger for so eloquently substantiating my thoughts. Please accept my sincere gratitude fo + 78 more characters
Wendy, you're quite right. I meant it as a state of mind more than a geographic location. I didn't mean to slander anyone.
I would like to thank those that understood that my post was about "Respect". Respect for another's intelligence, point of view, ideals, political leanings, sex, sexual orientation, egocentricities, d + 925 more characters
There seem to be many that pontificate, in these forums, who have "Way too much" time on their hands. This enables them to surf the net, download and post links, and portray themselves as pseudo-intel + 1034 more characters
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