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What you say is true, but then I wasn't the one saying impeach. Besides, you're going to nitpick something as mundane as that when we're talking about mishandling classified materials? [Edited by Tire + 30 more characters
I remember Amorette posting something like Whoo Hoo they raided Mara-Logo and Orange man had classified documents and all the usual talking heads here were saying things like impeach and jail. Even ou + 913 more characters
LMAO!!! That was priceless. Well done!
Big game rifles such as an AR-15? There was a shooter in a clock tower way back when who used a bolt action rifle to kill and injure numerous people. The deranged will find a way. [Edited by TiredofB + 68 more characters
Perhaps one of you "articulate liberals" would care to define an "assault weapon" for me. I know I'm simply a "drunken gun fondler" but I can make a number of items perform as an "assault weapon".
If you look back at the Clinton Presidency you'll find that there was an "Assault Weapons and Large Capacity Magazine Ban" passed that didn't reduce crime or death rates at all, so why do we have to g + 168 more characters
Do you have a sign in the front yard of your home that states "Proud to be a gun free home?" No? Then I submit that you're afraid of the "Law Breakers" that have guns. So am I. That's why "Law Abiding + 715 more characters
When I said "This President" I was referring to his status as a president, whether he is formerly or presently a president is immaterial he is still referred to as a president. Unless you are going to + 274 more characters
Thank you Karen for the info and clarifying link. It's good to see the "Secret Service" is doing their usual outstanding job of protecting this president as they do with All presidents.
Where did you aquire this information Tom? Are you certain it's acurate?
Quite the contrary Gunnar concealed carry "is" permitted at this week's event. Go to nraam.org/attend/attendee-faqs/. Scroll down to "Is concealed carry allowed at the show." [Edited by TiredofBS (5/2 + 66 more characters
This man wants to pass laws to stop a "lawbreaker" from breaking the law. Absolute stupidity backed-up by profanity. Yes it's trajic that these children and adults were murdered but to depend on the p + 424 more characters
I'm trying to get an overall opinion of how people feel about our president. Not just for one specific decision. Are you proud or ashamed of him?
So, I assume, you think he is doing a good job. Not in comparison to other presidents.
If so please explain why
Maybe we will elect another intelligent "Republican". [Edited by TiredofBS (5/6/2021 12:57:02 AM)] [Edited by TiredofBS (5/6/2021 12:58:07 AM)]
Three cheers+ for Caleb!!!
LMAO! Great Post. We could just vent a cloud around Miles City, then everyone would be too hysterical to be condescending. Is that a good plan?
Why? You haven't locked up Hillary!
Isn't it true that he voted for sanctuary cities? If so he hasn't any right to be a senator in my opinion.
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