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Thanks the Video just showed exactly what I have been saying the entire time. Thannks
matt you know nothing about how the reporting works or you would understand my comment. You would be wise to not comment if you dont even understand what you are commenting on. I have come to the real + 599 more characters
Yeah you are so smart, I am just an idiot and have no clue what I am talking about. You are the great knowledge god....continue to live in "your" twisted world.
what is your point?
Hanna, I never even talked about welfare fruad and my family was not guilty of that I said they blew their tax refund and should have paid their bills. Then they could not pay their rent. I had to pay + 392 more characters
The south voted mostly for Romney except for Fla and VA. Flordia was less than 1 percent between the two and Virginia was 3.9 percent between the two. As for VA. after all just Fairfax county carried + 853 more characters
In case some of you don't know it, I am from the South and lived there a good part of my life up until last year. I see the poverty first hand and have seen so many people be helped and then they just + 1104 more characters
Well more simply put that same 47 percent is the truth. I am glad he said it and we need more people like that saying and speaking the hard truth. If the 47 percent don't like it then all they have to + 1697 more characters
oh and Romney made his own money and thru wise investment became wealthy. Do the research. I am a Vet and I do receive a retirment check, funny how I used my smarts to invest it and I have lifted myse + 155 more characters
actually that is incorrect. the 47 percent is not ment for or intended towards those that draw a cheeck it is directed at those that are gonna vote or did vote no matter what simply b/c they think the + 931 more characters
WOW Does someone on this site actually believe that the job of the govt is to look after us? Who in their right mind would think that? It is the people who put those govt politician in place by way of + 288 more characters
and just so everyone knows, I actually did not care for Romney, but I was for the lessor of two evils.
oh I am sure it was a scam, but that is what I am saying they are most likely jumping on the obama band-wagon and using it as a cayatlist for their own agenda, kinda like the super-pacs do. I already + 136 more characters
oh someone above mentioned something about the 47 percent that Romney spoke about. I could not agree with him more. The 47 percent is the same 47 percent that would vote for and did vote for Obama no + 1670 more characters
Does anyone understand economics at all? If I own a business and I have to pay higher taxes and more fees due to government regulations then guess what I will do one of two things, I will let people + 3960 more characters
More like a sad day, but the people get and got what they wanted. At least I can feel comfortable when everyone is complaining like they already are that I am not part of the the problem, I was trying + 100 more characters
Like I said when I was there nothing was done illegal.
I am a republican and have been since I was 18. You are so and the check I get I earned for your information.
I saw that, what does a person need to do to get one of those apartments and when do they open?
Yeah I can also see that point as well. I just know somehow there has to be a way to eliminate all these wackos that do this kind of crimes. Some states have sherriff's assigned to each school. What + 189 more characters
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