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Oh how cool! Thanks for sharing! I can feel a new holiday tradition coming on!
Try this website: url
Hal, I don't know where you find these stories but they are great!
Stop at your local appraiser's office (ask for Lee or Rod)in the courthouse & ask for any house information they have. They might even have an old appraisal card with information on updates to the hou + 3 more characters
A couple of years ago there was a wolf spotted up near Vida. Several ranchers/farmers saw it over a several mile area. It disappeard, however, I am guessing that the SSS method was employed. No stock + 175 more characters
T Brown: the advice to check out the repos was great...don't forget to check out the credit unions as well...and check out other towns too...might have just the vehicle for you.
Rumors around the area (outside Miles City) say that Dr. Rauh will be back practicing - maybe at the hospital. Does anyone have the scoop on that?
Goofy as it sounds, put good old straight listerine in a little spray bottle & spritz around your deck, back door, etc. Don't spray directly on good woodwork as it can stain. It really does work on ke + 83 more characters
Yes, there are a certain # of licenses granted just like there are only a certain amount of liquor licenses....but those business can also increase the number of machines they have in that business or + 464 more characters
Steve, Obviously you don't know that the more casinos, the more money spent and the more money that goes into the county & city coffers. They (government) get a percentage of the gambling money spent + 185 more characters
Although it is a bit further than 20 miles...the Calypso Trail in Prairie County is a sight to behold. For further information about how to get there, stop at the Prairie County Museum in Terry. Anot + 86 more characters
I applaud the City Council & their actions! Now if you can get the County Commissioners involved to make this a joint effort (for the good of the whole community) that would make it even better. As to + 875 more characters
BNSF officials can sometimes be daunting to deal with, however, they can also be generous towards a community if approached in the right manner. Both Circle and Terry are testiments to the BN being gi + 845 more characters
I heard about this news but is there any way to confirm or deny it? Who has the "in the know" to find out? I have known Dr. Rauh for many, many years & think he is the best, bar none.
What gorgeous pictures. I'm from another part of MT and only lived in MC during college but going to the Hills was a fun past time. Thanks for sharing.
You will still need to contact DMV at the courthouse to get your driver's license changed. You might try calling them (listed under State & Justice Dept) first to make sure they are open & what docume + 48 more characters
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