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The driver in this accident has been arrested on other charges in Colorado he will now be brought back to Montana to face charges in my son's death Thank You to all you great folks in Montana
Thank you Don I spoke with Trooper Nickelson and he told me they were charging Arron Parker, I plan to attend the trial when it happens it will be awhile I guess but I will come from Phoenix to attend + 123 more characters
Sorry it's Jessica N father again Thank You
It's a year Friday 7/31/14 when my wonderful son Michael Robert Taylor died in the roll over accident on Hwy 59 Mile Marker 71...I can only say I miss him more than it's possible to say. I wish with a + 170 more characters
Thank You I did try that and I hope she see's it I know he could help me with answers. Everyone from Montana has been so very caring the entire time I spent there was made a little easier because of a + 42 more characters
Im not sure how else to reach your dad with my email I really hope you see this msg .please contact me reguarding the crash that killed my son I need some answers so bad [email protected]
My son Michael Taylor was killed in this wreak..but he WAS NOT driving the truck the driver was the owner of the truck my son was a passenger in the truck I came to Montana to make arrangements and we + 190 more characters
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