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I know I'm bringing up an old thread, but wanted to know some updates. I know my siblings are looking for alternatives because of their "Wide Open Internet" (ripoff). Yes, I am an IT professional, and + 129 more characters
I'll dig around here. Not sure when I'll be able to head back to Miles City. They usually sell old P4's at the rescue mission for $15-20. They have a reasonable setup on newegg.com for $99.99 (89.99 w + 72 more characters
Due to the way most businesses work, along with their networking infrastructure and how their employees handle different operating systems, it's unwise making a massive shift to a new operating system + 1850 more characters
Ya, but it'll have support for awhile since most businesses won't switch to >=Windows 8.
You sure something's wrong with the on-board video card? eMachines have notoriously bad power supplies (250w BesTec) that loved to take out everything before it dies. What is your PSU make and model n + 6 more characters
Yes, the i-series is newer than the Core Series. ..but the Sandy Bridge series is the second generation of the i-series. They made alot of improvements (besides the bug a few months back).
Apple to support reps: "Do not attempt to remove malware" A confidential internal Apple document tells the company's front-line support people how to handle customers who call about malware infections + 123 more characters
Oh, you can create a Hackintosh, but you would be violating Apple's TOS agreement. But some people don't really care, and you can customize and tweak it how you want and have custom components install + 77 more characters
"I also love our Apple TVs, which through Home Sharing, allow us to stream music, photos and videos from any of our Macs/iPods, and give us access to Netflix (and many other online media sources). We + 656 more characters
Wow.. I have to reply to this one. To be fair, I went on Apple.com to price one out. It was a "holy crap!" moment for me when I seen the total. This is just basics for $3499. -Processor: -Two 2.4GHz Q + 1125 more characters
Yep.. Mac users get viruses/worms/etc too. ..they just don't want to admit it. I run Windows 7 here with ESET Internet Security and never had an issue or a virus/worm. I've been running that combo sin + 110 more characters
No, but I've noticed over the years that the MPAA and RIAA want something like this. They're blaming Piracy so they can pass COICA. IF (and I mean IF) it does, everything will be monitored and certai + 413 more characters
1. Yes I did 2. It wouldn't matter. Net Neutrality (from the looks of it) is going to be chosen by the corporations. If it didn't, the large ISP's would throw a tantrum until they get what they wanted + 31 more characters
url Looks like ComCrap is trying to protect their TV revenue. If they wouldn't gouge the customer, I'm sure this wouldn't be an issue.
Didn't I just post that in a different section on the forum? Plus, DVR's aren't infringing.. yet. This card is 100% legal, you just have to get a single CableCard from your Cable Company to utilize it + 416 more characters
The issue is corporations (ehm.. MP/RIAA) are telling the government to seize any website they say is infringing on their property. Which means if you have a picture, video, phrase, or anything they s + 160 more characters
Yep.. The war has started, and we're about to get screwed. http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/Uncle-Sam-Seizes-Numerous-Domains-111570 How much time until Uncle Sam can shut down *ANY* site that "Home + 38 more characters
If you have cable, I would suggest buying a cheap system at Walmart and putting a Ceton InfiniTV card in it. http://www.cetoncorp.com/ I'm already looking into putting one together for our home with H + 21 more characters
Well, according to the Gazette, It'll be at Randash's old place on Main. url
Naaa.. Just mess with him.
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