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The experts can sort out whether Ted Nugent or KISS are deserving of induction. My favorite tune & clip of the past year features the Tongue River as protagonist and was performed in a cabin about 90 + 30 more characters
November 5, 2011 VETO Variance to Sec. 4-30, Miles City Code of Ordinances During our regular meeting on October 25, 2011, the City Council passed an amended motion to accept a recommendation from the + 1810 more characters
Governor Schweitzer has ordered that flags be lowered to half-staff on Thursday, November 3, 2011 in memory of SPC Liam McWilliams of Miles City. url
The City was notified this morning that Miles City Fire & Rescue Captain Tim McGlothlin succumbed to injuries following a mountain biking accident last night near sunset at Strawberry Hill Recreation + 265 more characters
Kacey: We place no restriction on who addresses the City Council during public meetings. In addition to 1st amendment protection, your right to speak is reinforced by the Montana Constitution and this + 253 more characters
Some good news and a little backstory... ********************************************************************* FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mayor Joe Whalen [email protected] 406.234.7901 Sep + 1679 more characters
According to our records at City Hall, though several repairs reaching back to 1944 were completed on the structure by local contractors, the levee was a New Deal project authorized by the Works Progr + 513 more characters
Thanks to all who have posted to this thread. Warning letters go out to property owners above remaining in violation of our tree/shrubbery ordinance tonight, as well as to those responsible for obstru + 1390 more characters
This is a very good start. Thanks for your help. For those commenting on S. Haynes Ave., your City Council, City Planning Commission, and I share your frustration with the congestion you've noted and + 446 more characters
The City requests your assistance in identifying problem traffic intersections throughout the city limits. Our primary focus is those crossings where visibility is obstructed by overgrown shrubbery an + 337 more characters
Since I'm the one who raised hopes for a scheduled paving on Albert St. beginning July 15, I'd like to address the delay being discussed and the ongoing closure of Albert St. The short version is that + 915 more characters
Speak for yourself, Gunnar. One of the benefits of living in Montana is that I can and do inhale deeply each and every day without fear of ill consequence. The air's fairly good here when the cotton's + 736 more characters
FLOOD INCIDENT UPDATE: Incident Commander, Fire Chief Berg, has announced that the Miles City Flood Preparedness Team will no longer hold weekly meetings at City Hall. The team will remain active unti + 132 more characters
Anyone caught moving public works barricades on Albert St. (or anywhere else) will be prosecuted. The City has several thousands of your dollars invested into the prep work for that paving project and + 468 more characters
This is a reminder from our Incident Command Team that the levee protecting Miles City and portions of Custer County is prohibited to unauthorized motor vehicle traffic by order of the mayor, until fu + 75 more characters
FEMA Clarification on Flood Damage Documentation The Federal Emergency Management Agency and Montana Disaster and Emergency Services would like to issue a clarification concerning economic injury and + 1636 more characters
Miles City mayor, Joe Whalen has activated an Incident Management Team organization as described in the Emergency Operations Plan. Several team members along with city personnel have recently been mee + 1468 more characters
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