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Miles City needs a pet boarding business.
We watched the parade on the T.V. Mid - Rivers Channel 64 live. It was nice. Thanks Mid-Rivers.
Very thought provoking !
Does the Bible say the "roman" church is Christian ? Or was the "roman" church part of the clergy that worked so hard at taking out the True father of the real Christian Congregation.... Jesus. Didn' + 189 more characters
They are so cute. Thank you for the pictures.
Check at MidRivers Telephone.
What Kind of Cheese is Not Your Cheese ?
If we could vote on the cold... 32+ and below how would that turn out ?
Very happy to hear your cat is home.
" Here's looking at you kid." Humphrey Bogart. Casablanca " Hasta la vista , baby." Arnold Schwarzeneggar. Terminator 2 : Judgement Day " Go ahead, make my day." Clint Eastwood. Sudden Impact
My favorite food there is finger steaks and sweet potato fries. Yum!
I got a no name non itemized bill from someplace down south a few months after I had visited the hospital after the VA said I could get an appointment in about a month. Couldn't breath...etc. Great se + 222 more characters
Just a thought.... A customer of mine has " flood " insurance through nfip... on several rental properties,,, No coverage unless there is a declared emergency... Just a bunch of rain that gets on the + 92 more characters
RE: a baby 10 years ago
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Congratulations on the new baby. Indy is very cute. Thanks for posting the picture so we can see her.
Outside or inside city limits we hear trains, trucks, sheep , peacocks, chickens, horses,cows,airplanes,rifle range,frogs, heavy equipment,kids and even dogs. We hear something where ever we live. We + 193 more characters
Hi, Make sure you check the pound and both vets. Also go on the radio 1st thing monday morning 92.3 FM at 8:34 am
Is it possible that sheep n things are on the allowed things in the city ? It seems that all the hay n feed would attract pests like rats n mice. Then that may explain why connected property of sheep + 274 more characters
I take all my pets to Miles city Vet. They are good and the staff is very friendly.
Walmart .
The Kirby salesman is in Miles City today.
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