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Wow, Rick, this is scary stuff you've got yourself believing. I actually get a kick out of reading your posts because you do put a LOT of time and energy into them....I don't agree with you politicall + 531 more characters
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We do not have family housing on-campus.
RE: Alaska 19 years ago
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Hi Wendy: I actually live in Anchorage and work at UAA. Anchorage is a great city, Alaska is a beautiful state and I feel that UAA is a very good school. I'm not sure what program you're planning to g + 283 more characters
These links should help you out!! url url
Thanks.....now I feel really old because the only Penguin that I remember is the first one! Great memories!! Jane
Well I'm definitely from Miles City and I can relate to 3 of the 4 items you mentioned....but I don't remember the Penguin ever being any place else but by the underpass. Where else was it located and + 37 more characters
Amorette: Can you tell me how to order one of these books? Do you want pre-payment sent to you and, if so, to what address? Also, I live in Anchorage, AK so I'm assuming the shipping will run a bit mo + 116 more characters
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