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Talked to someone at the Chamber and they had someone send me a registration. But thanks for the help
Can anyone tell me how to register for the car show next month? All I can find is to register prior to 9 1 2015, but can't find the registration form. I do not live in MC
You are right Richard there is no problem now as they have finally trimmed them up enough so you have a clear sightline but they were not trimmed in May when I was there last and they have been an iss + 58 more characters
You beat me to it Julie.
Once again Bonine and Mary B spout their ignorance. The Corp did not build the dike. It was not built with any government funds whatsoever. It was built by people who saw a problem and did something t + 631 more characters
I thought what everyone calls the slough now days used to be part of one of the Tongue's channels. The birds eye view clearly shows that the tongue forked off 2 directions creating what is known as th + 1300 more characters
The dike actually runs the whole length of the river past where Randalls used to be as far east as the old sewage lagoons and possibly a little farther. As far as the Army corp of Engineers are concer + 292 more characters
Mayor you say mature trees on east main will not be removed. That is fine, but what about the trees I mentioned on the southside of Main and west side of Jordan that were planted in the blvd in front + 288 more characters
Holy crap Amorette I actually agree with you on something. If you put it up, come back and take it down. Just plain common courtesy.
Well golly!!!!!! that hurt so bad Denise. First of all I do know the differance between a swear word and a barrier that holds back a watery substance, but if I had spelled it correctly it would have b + 1678 more characters
Actually you are stupid Gunnar because you can't see beyond your liberal bias. Truth is that I vote both republican and democrat. However if you must know I did not vote for the idiot we have in the W + 2563 more characters
Are you people retarded? If the city has a code or law about barking dogs and someone complains about your dog barking and the city enforces the code, you are upset at the person calling on your barki + 459 more characters
The corner of S. Jordan and Main St. when you are headed North on S. Jordan and looking west down Main. There are trees planted in the blvd. that should have never been planted there. You can't see ar + 123 more characters
Now more people will be choking the chicken in good ol MC
Yea but he was an idiot who had no problem killing his girlfriend. He was a real role model.
I believe it is MORON not MORAN moron :-)
Wendy, you're kidding again? Aren't you? I wasn't spoiled by any means (we were poor) and i knew what the belt was for and got it a few times and deserved it everytime. My son definately was not spoil + 414 more characters
Some of you people are kidding, Right?????
My God I can't believe I just read this crap! If abortions are made illegal you will not force women to get an illegal abortion. That is a choice they are making and no one is forcing them to do it, a + 2055 more characters
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