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Call Brett Badgett. He has been taught by the best. He taught at the Miles Community College here last year. I don't have his number, but I can get it.
You might try calling Judy Tibbets Pauley at 234-2349; or Bill Jensen at 234-4307. One of these should be able to tell you about the horse boarding. Helen Lockie-Martin
Riggs and Ben Franklin have been gone for some time now, so we need a Dollar Tree.
I am a traveling notary in Miles City. Give me a call at 232-4903. Thank you.
Amorette, I don't see any mention of Hazel Lockie-Parker practicing for the Luge competition. She did train with Karen Roberts, and the luge track that Bill Roberts built on his place still shows up i + 154 more characters
In the 40's it was where the Star Printing Co. is now located. Then became Reynolds Grocery there.
I have been out of town for 3 weeks, just got home this evening. Saw the notice about Frank. I am so sorry I missed his service, as I used to babysit him as a little boy. If any of you are going to be + 150 more characters
Just wanted to let you know that Glenn VerBeck is still living in Miles City. In fact he is my son's father-in-law. I'm sure he would be glad to visit with you if you wanted to call him at 406-234-011 + 94 more characters
Hi Guys: I didn't play football, but did go to school with all of you, class of '49. Seems like these classes are going fast, so if we wanted to have a reunion we should do it soon. There are a few of + 155 more characters
Yes, it was open Monday morning as planned.
I use the Poodle Room for my dog and am very happy with their work. I have an Australian Shepherd and she get lots of hair in the winter so I have to have her groomed several times a year. They are go + 141 more characters
We need a family clothing store and shoe store. The Stage Stores are a great family store, but are not in the North. I always go there when I'm in Ok. and keep trying to get them up here. They were he + 198 more characters
The Range Riders Museum is known worldwide, and has had visitors from numerous foreign countries which is tracked by a pin system and a guestbook register. It is advertised in several Montana Travel m + 493 more characters
The "Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame" really wanted to go to big and expensive. It takes years to build up a museum, cowboy hall of fame, or whatever you want to call it. The Range Riders Museum started w + 826 more characters
The owner of Foster Drug was Brud Foster and he passed away a number of years ago. His son and daughter are (or were) George and Elnavail. George's first wife lives here in Miles City and I believe th + 45 more characters
Just looked up the Pearsons in my old Annual, and Eva graduated from CCDHS in 1947. I kind of remember Betty, and she may have graduated later. I have the annuals from 1946, 1947, 1948 and 1949 and do + 47 more characters
Dallas Merchant is still on their home place, I see him occasionally in town. And I'm sure he does not have E-mail!! Some of the Greens are still around, Betty lives at the Eagles Manor here in Miles + 435 more characters
The homesteaders/farmers that lived in the Loesch Store/School area were Murray, Riley, Cumber, Kluver, Hagedorn, Cain, Merchant, Gaskill, Waddell, Green, Roots, Patton, Lockwood, Pikkula, Hoops. Mayb + 334 more characters
I remember where the Gosselin place used to be, but all the buildings are gone now. I knew Sarah Viall when she lived in Miles City. I don't know if my mother knew any of you, but she used to talk abo + 347 more characters
This exit now merely goes into Ft. Keogh land. Don't think there's anything left at the Radar Base.
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