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Redmond and Oddjob, did you criticize George W. Bush for the same thing?
I have to believe that Ike knows this. Though explaining how the KKK was a terrorist offshoot of the Democratic Party would make it appear that he does not. Or, he's just trying to rile up the ones w + 51 more characters
Richard is right. Miles City was sold a bill of goods by Butch Grenz voters who elected the man to office based on the "fact" that Butch "bleeds Miles City" (exact quote) and that he was the best cand + 663 more characters
I am not making blanket judgment but an informed assessment. Lower school enrollment has nothing to do with students who were in the band program and are no longer.
There are very few athletes anymore that are also in band, so that is not the issue. Numbers have been down for years. In the last year they are down even more. A poor choice in instructor can make or + 28 more characters
Who in the world gave you that idea?
Letter to the Editor in Tuesday, April 9, 2013 edition of the Miles City Star Mr. Almy 1. You do not HAVE to pay full tuition for private school for your daughter. You CHOOSE to pay full tuition for + 2285 more characters
From YOUR sources... That sure sounds like "make loans to broke people, god dammit." I know you must have provided this in your reference material, but I am missing it. Could you be so kind as to po + 29 more characters
Please cite your [verifiable] source.
Blake, if you have a point to debate, debate it, otherwise you are just making yourself look like the "dumd" ass. Anymore this town is so full of people with the mentality "if you don't agree with me + 274 more characters
Exactly why healthcare should NEVER be managed by companies operating for profit.
Ah, Mr. Denton, our resident expert on swimming and all things Miles City, despite the fact that he has not lived here for, what, almost 40 years? Please tell us all about the numerous groups through + 1887 more characters
Exactly how many "Y"s exist in towns of 8,000 people?
Kacey, the way the reporting reads, this was a conversation. No? Is the reporting accurate? Because if it is, Grenz was responding to her statement. Why wouldn't she have the ability to respond back?
Ike, you imply that the countries who outrank us do not have access to these exact things. A perusal of the countries that outperform us would prove you wrong.
For shit sake, Cheryl, this is beyond contemptible, even in light of your usual drivel. We wonder why U.S. kids continue to slide down the ladder compared to their world peers. We fill their heads wit + 20 more characters
I'm not sure of the wisdom in alienating a portion of your customer base in a small town like Miles City, just because you disagree with their politics. It seems short-sighted to me, but at least you + 63 more characters
It is relevant because... Also, per the Montana DPHHS, I thought Republicans just loved economic stimulus.
Forrest apparently does not want to answer how much a person eligible for benefits receives in SNAP funds per month.
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