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Thank you Steve. There really is no point in all the negativity on this site. It's pointless. I don't know if people feel safe behind the screen of there computers and that's why they do it or they ar + 128 more characters
The only reason i said homicide is because that's what i read on facebook. I did'nt know what kind of weapon if any where involved. I will keep that in mind though. The way i word things that is. I re + 34 more characters
Melita, that's exactly why i posted it. Not to gossip, i just was worried because a town this small 9 times out of 10 you know the person. I heard a couple stories and thought someone on here might kn + 127 more characters
Well that's good that there where no deaths.
Has anyone heard what happened last night? I just seen on facebook there may have been a double homicide? I hope not, but was wondering if it's true.
Oh my goodness! I seen him today around the corner from my house. He was on orr street kitty corner from the junior high. I just got done rescuing a stray dog when i seen him. The cops were chasing th + 132 more characters
They make formula for puppies. They sell it at wal-mart and murdochs and probably ace. At a week old i would think they need bottle fed. They probably don't even have their eyes open yet. My husband w + 177 more characters
I have had good and bad meals there. I also had way under cooked lobster there when it was the cattle-ac and i was very pregnant(not good). It happens pretty much everywhere. As long as the service is + 390 more characters
It was a really fun time. Thanks to everyone who made it possibe!
I LOVE thier food! Scallops there are awesome, and so is the philly cheese steak YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Service has been great every time!
By the way defamation of character is when someone is making false statements about someone else.I have only stated the facts. And for the purpose of getting what i paid for. The name of the coach is + 135 more characters
Yes Julie we have contacted you many times. The team i am refering to was Stockman Bank. I hope you have luck finding them. I will try calling you again in the next couple of days to give you time to + 18 more characters
Yes the coach has been to her home and her car is there but she will never answer the door. I have spoken to her and so has he. She says she has them but she will say she has to get them to us at a la + 191 more characters
We have contacted her MANY times, at least 20 maybe more. All i'm saying is she has taken our $ and given us nothing in return. All we wanted was what we paid for, our childrens photos. Wich where onl + 196 more characters
My childs pictures were taken TWO YEARS AGO by JULIE HARRIS for soccer. She has been contacted many times by the coach and always has an excuse to why she has'nt given them to ANY of the parents who o + 404 more characters
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