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Hi Steven. This is awesome! I wish I could pitch in on this for you. If this isn't 'til next holidays, maybe I'll be in a better position to before then. I'll try to keep you posted. Please tell your + 166 more characters
I am deeply saddened to have heard and have now to pass on that Gayle Brewster (Bower), formerly of Kinsey, has passed away. Gayle may have been a rather unorthodox individual in many respects, but s + 333 more characters
ROFLMAO!!!!! This has got to be one of the best threads I've seen on here in a long time. THANK YOU ALL for the great laugh!!!
Wow; what a conversation. One thing I didn't read in all these many posts is that the kids of today, whether or not they're depressed, are going through whatever it is they're going through, in a diff + 2497 more characters
As of 3:00 this afternoon, they were still searching.
I think it's interesting how a really, truly wonderful thread can go from being friendly, thoughtful, and uplifting, not to mention thought provoking, to something that "we" feel the need to argue ove + 418 more characters
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack (with more photos, that is): url url url url url url url These are all local or within a 75 mile radius.
I would like to thank a great many people who have helped me and my family get through this very sad time. I would like to thank everyone, near and far, who sent cards. They let us know that Al was t + 664 more characters
Heddy, I absolutely loved working with your mom. We worked together a couple of years at the group home. She was always fun to be around, excellent with the clients, and knew how to run a good group h + 387 more characters
Most of you probably didn't even know him, and that's ok, but Albert Lajeunesse passed away on 11-2-08. He will be missed by many.
I recently visited Discovery Pond and was told by an employee there that very few people have voted on any of the scarecrows there in the front corner window. Sure would be nice if people would partic + 517 more characters
DOUBLE BUMP! This one's important.
Sorry folks, but I truly can't believe that nobody else has photos to put on here, and I hate to see this thread go by the wayside, with so much beauty around us to share and enjoy. So, BUMP!!
$2.79 today. I've decided to top off my tank each time it drops. Not sure what I'll do if/when it starts to climb again. Get a horse and buggy, maybe. Anybody got one of each for sale?? (Joke)
Amorette, "Ghost message???" As for the old truck stop site, I worked there when Ripoff Schnabble had it as a Husky Truck Stop. I also worked there when Bonnie Lopez owned Li'l Darlin's Kitchen. That + 585 more characters
OK; now that a few days have come and gone, what the heck IS the topic here, anyway? Does it even matter?
ALLAKAZZAM! Wish granted! It's Saturday......FOREVER!!! Now you have forever to continually work on your "honeydo" list, which never comes to an end, but continually grows, and grows, and grows....... + 194 more characters
What would it be like if, for one day, it was FREEE???!!! Oh the lines!!!!!
That is going to be another dental office. Gary & Bubbles Matthews' son Barry is a dentist now, and has purchased that office for his practice.
Hal, That looks more like a "life or death" race to me! Did you take any of these photos yourself?
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