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Thank you guys I will check it out as soon as I can.
Hello. I have two boys wanting to get into sports one is age 7 born in early 2006 and one is age 5 born early 2008. Is there any information I can get for sports available to them this year and the mo + 156 more characters
Thank you for letting people know. Now that the cops know they will suspect them first for the next time someone reports their tires being cut. I admire your respect for a person who does these things + 256 more characters
Do you know what it would cost by chance?
That's OK that will give me time to practice with him
Thank you
Well it looks like he is a bit too young yet he was born in march of 2008. Thank you though now I know he will be old enough next year.
Do you know if he is old enough?
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My little man is 4 years old. Is he old enough for soccer? And if so does anyone know how to sign him up?
Deap should have a list of state approved daycares....hope that helps.
I have kids ranging from 2years to 6 years. What kinds of sports are available for this age group?
OK just thought I would ask. I hope he listens...did anyone reply to it on that website
Richard, out of curiosity have you gone any other way to get Obama to see this because I don't think he will be getting on anytime soon. I think this is good though just to let you know.
Buck were u the one who slapped the cashier?
I agree with the fact that the customers should not take it out on the cashiers they can only do so much. If you want to complain to someone then take it to management. There was one case here in mile + 247 more characters
Very true
The issue with the stocking is that the daytime stockers won't do their job only overnight ones do so if someone comes and buys everything out during the day it won't get stocked till that night most + 7 more characters
Sound like me lol. I like chicken more than hamburger though something about eating a cow bugs me most of the time. I am weird like that.
It does not mean it is 100% walmarts fault. There are more then just them that play a part in it you know. Pointing fingers at one and not the others is not justifiable. For example where I work....we + 512 more characters
Complaining on here won't make a difference other than give everyone a chance to express their frustrations. If u stock something and then it doesn't sell enough to make profit then you stop ordering + 803 more characters
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