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Thanks Richard......and I am sorry for such short notice it has been nuts getting this thing off the ground!
Bear trap fire between Norris and Bozeman...2300 + acres has jumped the highway and the Madison river....Road is closed between Norris and four corners! Foolish people and their fireworks!
ESPN gameplan for you cable/dish provider....$24.60
Hangin' off the rope with a pair of ski's was way too much fun.
J E E P.......Just Empty Every Pocket....
Working for a natural gas utility...I wonder why those generators are not using natural instead of fuel oil? Way less maintenance! Most all the gen sets here in West Yellowstone are on natural gas or + 99 more characters
Just a little something I forgot I had.
That is what i miss about Miles City! Wes lets catch up a bit haven't bs'd with you since my father passed. Take care my friend
Growing up on the north side of the tracks i could see Mitch, Scott and Jeffs house from ours on garland. I still remember all the snowmobiles in the garage,and some baseball in the summer. My thought + 22 more characters
Marshall Tucker/ Firefall 1978 at the metra. "MERE IMAGE" Shrine auditorium. But seriously Sam and Dave in Aspen.
Well here in West Yellowstone a DK goes for arond $14.20. So things in ole' Miles aren't that bad.
How 'bout swimming at the FLUMES and bailing off the cliffs. We used to have a rope tied to the exit and would bring water skis out and pass the time.
Soil to Boil
Looking good. Thanks everyone for your efforts!
Yngwie Malmstien, Niel Shoen,Stanley Jordan
A balmy -20 here in West Yellowstone
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