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Liver Eating Johnston's ancestry is Dutch/German and Scot. I have finally found his father's relatives back to the 1500s. He had sisters and a brother. He had siblings from another mother previously. + 716 more characters
Howdy, Johnston was born in NJ, went to sea, jumped ship and ended up in Montana Territory--noted in 1862. He went on to be a soldier and deputy, selling whiskey to the Natives, wolfer, trapper and I + 535 more characters
Howdy, Someone sent me the article and I found it on the motorcycle site and commented. Yes, I think he was having fun with the thought of being able to motor to most of the arenas that Johnston was a + 937 more characters
Howdy all, Update on Johnston news: New website Various articles this year on Johnston. Book slated to appear in 2010. Actually two, one possibly in January. The oth + 1001 more characters
Howdy, Am interested in any info, since I am now in the process of putting Johnson to paper. A pic of the pocket watch, a phone number for the decendant for Vic et al....... Curly, a Crow, was a survi + 120 more characters
John Liver-Eating Johnson: I am looking for folks who may have information, photos, family diaries or histories that mention Johnson. I am also writing short bios on those that had been with Johnson s + 543 more characters
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