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Bridgier- It seems you are attempting to start a classic "gun debate"; if you are it would be appreciated if you started a new forum instead of hijacking this one. MCPD- How many tickets are left?
Garfield School is an excellent school; and all the staff I have been in contact with go above and beyond. Parents of Garfield students should be grateful!!
+1 on an indoor year round pistol range.
Once again I believe Levi has nailed it on the head. Excellent science-based read.
I think Levi already nailed it on the head.
There are many times more firearms in the US than there are automobiles; yet automobiles "kill" many more people each year than firearms "kill" each year. This is just one example of many examples tha + 681 more characters
Agree with Marty. Completely legal to advertise firearms on internet classifieds as well as newspaper classifieds. But just as with any item advertised through classifieds should be; all PRIVATE firea + 328 more characters
If only I knew how to ice skate...
There are no "bad dogs" unless they are made that way by people either on purpose or by ignorance. The article is more or less accurate in my opinion.
Wish someone would have showed me this BEFORE i moved out here...
Good Stuff.
I agree.
I personally think that mice are kinda cute.
Just so you know 'dislays' is not a word.
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