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The small little group of liberals here talk hypotheticals none stop. For instance Tucker (not his real name is it Jim? since you all are so big on using real names) says he and his wife got covid fr + 1493 more characters
name calling again. Gonna say this again masks do not help. As of today US has 10.3 million cases of covid reported since this started. 240K deaths since the start. Population is 331 million. We have + 828 more characters
So it is true liberals live by two different standards. One for them and one for everyone else. Oh and name calling boy they love to call names
Why because I helped someone? Or because I point out that someone who talks about compassion and intelligence doesn't practice what is preached?
you mean like Bridgier does?
Was it intelligent and compassionate the way you treated another person? I recently helped one of your citizens who was involved in a motorcycle accident. He wasn't wearing a mask and I had no gloves + 396 more characters
Won't do either. If you are so scared obviously you are, you stay home. Don't expect the rest of the world to change their lives just for you. Not gonna happen.
Address what I said. The case count in ND and SD has nothing to do with the Sturgis rally. They were higher per capita that the rest of the country before the rally. My point is the liberals can have + 502 more characters
70 million pissed off Republicans and not one U.S. city destroyed. Go figure
None of the liberal protests oh I mean riots spread any of the corona virus around? That crap started long before and went on long after Sturgis. I suppose you people believe that didn't spread anythi + 2 more characters
My soul is not lost. However the souls of those who support a party that believes killing innocent human brings at will should remain legal are. I will pray for them. How are you going to answer when + 247 more characters
gotta love the name calling just because someone doesn't agree with what you people say or cares to give their full name. Where in the heck did you ever get that I said Biden was a pedophile? Never on + 905 more characters
There won't be huge riots because we are conservatives. We may protest but we will not riot. Unlike the liberals who get their panties in a bunch when they don't get their way. I said on election day + 484 more characters
And the liberal says. But but but but but but but oh I have nothing you're a f-----g moron. So predictable
No he is a better man because he did not stoop to your level of second grade name calling. Something you liberals always resort to using on someone who doesn't lick your boots
I hit rock bottom when I go on here for entertainment. It's unbelievable how ignorant some of you are. But ill keep trying to bring some of yo around. But you Gunnar you're a lost cause . But I'll st + 214 more characters
Grew up in MC and you have the quote wrong. I will explain it to you. A man's word is his bond means if a man tells you he is going to do something he does. It has no meaning to whether or not you po + 65 more characters
Because this is a liberal forum and you can't treat anyone with an opposing view with the respect that you demand from them. You resort to name calling and foul language and won't even consider the fa + 92 more characters
All that is happening by "slowing it down" is you are prolonging the inevitable. When you take amedicine that tastes terrible do you take a little bit at a time over a period of an hour or do you tak + 694 more characters
Nothing but facts...and name calling. Fact: Wearing cloth masks significantly reduces the spread of coronavirus. Wearing masks protects you and your neighbors. If you're not wearing a mask in public + 1557 more characters
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