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Once, we accepted that everything was the way it was, and that was enough for us. Now, we question our own existence. Clearly, we are approaching a problem. What if, in our quest to determine whether + 37 more characters
Books. how many people today can honestly say they have read any books outside of school? nowadays, if a book comes out, most people will say "ill just wait for the movie." thing is, if nobody reads t + 42 more characters
to the above: Which one, because the original was pretty articulate. (but given the picture, i should have assumed one of hollywoods knock offs.) To the game: MIA
:] i really "hate" to say this, but Islam has only been around about half that long...
this forum seems to have the least "flaming" and destructive argueing of any serious forum of comprable size on this site. at least everyone is taking this seriously. i got my first job in MC because + 95 more characters
that last one is the first joke to actually make me laugh in a while. i have heard hundreds of jokes since i got in the navy, and most of them are so bad (one way or another...) that i wish i could er + 1256 more characters
"I seriously think that if they built a "hangout" with a snack bar, a couple pool and ping pong tables, or whatever it is you are imagining, along with some sort of adult supervision, most teenagers w + 687 more characters
They finally got me... (including the emoticon)
air guitar. try this one (anything in "" is part of the puzzle) "" + "H-" = ???
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ahh munchkin. the more sets you have, the more fun it can get... try playing a game with EVERY set from the original up through Munckin: IMPOSSIBLE. or better yet. EVERY SET TO DATE. and if thats not + 219 more characters
apparently i have been editing TV shows in Hollywood since 1994, (when i was 8) and am a PE teacher in Roxana Illinois. (and anybody who knows me knows that PE was my least favorite subject.) its kind + 89 more characters
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