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I am sorry to hear about your loss, i went to school with Bradley so i knew of his brother. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. All i can say is just try and rememeber t + 103 more characters
What time does it start and end?
Thats pretty lame that i have to take Arizona off my list of places to visit. I am an American born and raised but im of hispanic decent and definetly have tan skin. I dont want to go through the hass + 405 more characters
What i want to know is how much the community has raised for the pool and where that money is? They have had so many fundraising events here like the wine and food festival, a band on main street and + 154 more characters
I think its really sad to think about the fact that sexual assaults are the only crimes were the victim has to prove they were actually a victim. How messed up is that. I dont care what she was wearin + 209 more characters
Yes, Please let us know when the open house is. I would love to wish him well.
You can get medicaid reimbursement for transportation for appointments out of town. This might be helpful to look into to reimburse her for paying for someone to take her to the appointment.
Thanks for helping to positively influence the young people in our community with your commitment and dedication to the hockey program here. I am blessed to have known you and your family. I know that + 130 more characters
Thats a pretty awesome Anniversary for our great Little Town!
Barbie Girl by Aqua..lol at least when i was in Jr. High
The Iron horse is way to overpriced for what you actually get. I would much rather go to the Rib and Chop where i can get a loaded baked as big as my plate for less than 5 dollars when all of there ap + 160 more characters
Basil Pius would be an awesome speaker. He spoke in my of my college classes at MCC and was awesome. Not to mention how great of an individual he is. I think he would be a great speaker
Mannings experience will be the deciding factor... i dont know about that. Look at what happened with Farve. I think its obvious he cost his team the superbowl by throwing that final pass instead of r + 267 more characters
I think any kind of food place... like an olive garden or Red Robin would be great we dont have enough food choices in this community. Nothing fast food, more sit down would be great. Other things i w + 563 more characters
Has anyone heard about her funeral at all?? I am really hoping i can attend. She was such an amazing individual, and will be greatly missed but not forgotten.
Though here at Journey's end I lie In darkness buried deep, Beyond all towers strong and high, Beyond all mountains steep. Above all shadows rides the Sun And Stars forever dwell. I will not say the D + 39 more characters
She was an amazing individual who inspired many people who took her classes. I know i was one of them. She actually was a great mentor for me and i am very sad to hear of her passing. She had a big he + 166 more characters
I would probably say spending the holiday with my family. I know that sounds like what your supposed to say but for me its truly right. Having not seen my brother in over six months and him being home + 186 more characters
Hmmm... as a child of a teen mother who was born and raised in Miles City, i would have to say its a complete lack of responsibility on the part of parents, and teachers as well as the children involv + 2321 more characters
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