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Why? 9 years ago
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I always thought this was a great town with wonderful small town people .I now know this town has some people who do nothing but talk bad about others and put people down! What happened to people like + 960 more characters
keep it up people I will hire a lawyer and sue everyone one of you keep it frank hardy
Well why are you saying anything at all. Oh ya your not just copying what I write and reposting with a sarcasm smiley.Well I am so glad to see that me and my uneducated children as my name stated are + 231 more characters
You dont know me and I dont know you so I would never try to judge you from what someone else may say I would ask you . I guess most people dont have it in them thats ok .Some just put others down to + 192 more characters
Thank You . I agree Jessica since I am the one this crazy lady has an issue with and has nothing better to do with her time then harrass hard working folks sorry I may not be rich or live off the gove + 726 more characters
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