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Thank you! We love being in Downtown Miles City!
Montana made treats are now served at! We're in the old Discovery Pond building and are serving 32 flavors of Wilcoxson's ice cream (with Montana toppings: Huckleberry, Razy Huck, Chokecherr + 367 more characters
Just what you need to spoil your Mom, Wife, Grandma or another favorite person in your life. Stop by - 919 Main St. and see our huge Montana Microbrew, Montana Wine (including the new limite + 194 more characters in Miles City carries this one (Big Sky IPA) - along with Kettle House Double Haul IPA and Eddy Out Pale Ale...along with several other fabulous Montana -brewed beers from Missoula, Belt, Wh + 19 more characters
YES! Cold Smoke Scotch Ale is one of my personal favorites. Come in and see our selection! now has a great supply of Montana Micro brews including Big Sky Brewing, Kettle House Brewery, Harvest Moon, Great Northern Brewery, Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co, Bayern... and we also carr + 183 more characters
Well.... They told me they'd be here Mon - Fri - but they're not here again today - so maybe they've skipped town! My calls to the owner are going unanswered. If anyone knows of a another vendor that + 157 more characters
Hi All! Mandi here from The Asian concession trailer is owned by Samurai Gardens - a Japanese Steak house in Billings (on Shiloh and Grand, I think). We've all eaten lunch there a couple of + 454 more characters
I have a gift box with Made in Montana items at my store to donate. Would someome be able to either pick it up - or contact me and let me know where I can deliver it? I'm at the store - 101 + 289 more characters
I have a friend who has a VW Jetts diesel and gets around 50 on the highway. She's had it a long time, and I think she's had good luck w/it. They're spendy and diesel's spendy, too - so I'm not sure i + 463 more characters
Both C&K Meats and Quality Meats Montana will dry age beef if you ask them. We work with both packing plants to sell our corn-fed choice quality angus beef. We sell directly to consumers, but have the + 2493 more characters
I also enjoy a great massage and have used many massage therapists in Miles City. Shanna @ the Cottage is great - as is Nate (also at the cottage.) The gals @ Generations are wonderful (I've used DeAn + 177 more characters
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