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Brad Zoanni does a great job. Give him a call at 406-851-8962. Leave a message if he doesn't answer, he may be at work.
Thanks everyone!
Who in town makes picture frames? I need one made about 3 foot by 3 foot
What year are the lincolns and how much
Had a great dinner tonight! We are always treated very well when we come here. The Rib and Chop House really cares about there customers. Thanks to all the hard working people there.
They were Chinese lanterns, set off in memory of the 3 boys lost a year ago today.
Just wondering if anyone know the the Pumpkin Chase on the radio begings
already lost a bunch of trees, i say shoot em
I've noticed alot of beaver damage along the dike. Looks like we won't have many trees left along the tongue river if this keeps up. Is there any thing the city can do about this?
well that was fun
Friday 12-2-11 3:30 Woman in a blue van came to my door wantin my opinion about tissues. I told her i didn't need a Kirby. Told her the whole town knew what their scheme was and to leave. She amitted + 162 more characters
3 more days
thanks that wasted an hour
Come on down and have some fun. I did the ATV pull in Terry and had a great time
We have fished the Tounge 3 times the last two weeks. We walked to our fishing spot. Everytime we went people have driven down the dike. We asked one man if they opened the dike and he said no and dro + 73 more characters
just seen the sign at the entrance and was wondering what thats all about
ha ha ha good one
good one Jeff
Hey Josh, do you have DOT approved tires on your street legal 4 wheeler so you can drive on a state highway?
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