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Wow, at odds of 99:1 Sean Penn beat Micky Rourke for Best Lead Actor. ABC Long live the memory of Harvey Milk!
Awe, come on now. If God didn't want her to have these children, then He would have aborted them! It is nothing short of a miracle. ABC
Pepperoni ABC
Why is it that conservative Christians, who should by Christ's teachings be more inclind to help their fellow man, are the first ones to cry foul when anything "socialistic" happens in our society? Ju + 72 more characters
The Wall Street Execs should be thankful that all Obama wants to do is cap their salaries. IMHO they should have their balls cut off as well. ABC
Good One Kyle...Fox News = White Trash News ABC
Kyle: Any validity to your arguements are negated by your childish use of names like "The One." ABC
Meatloaf Idea... If this were Close Encounters of the Third Kind, you could mold it into the shape of Devil's Tower. It might "spice" it up. ABC
Hooray! No more fingers on the chalk board. ABC
Amorette: I hate to say this, but you over-reacted a bit. The original post said nothing that would indicate success or failure. It just reported the information on the website. ABC
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm a native. ABC
Jan 12, 2009 10:12pm The Shining w/ Jack Nicholson & Shelley Duvall is on Midrivers' Channel 181 BRAVO ABC
<> Yes, lack of imagination can account for many things. I think it was once given as a reason that 9/11 occured. ABC
Since I started this thread, I wanted to be the 125th person to post. Happy 125!!!! ABC And who is low class?
>>Whose flying to Phoenix!!!!!!<< I don't know, who is? ABC
Are they still castrati? ABC
For those out of town, tonight's Miles City Star had an article that Ben Franklin will be opening up again. FYI ABC
Are you sure Wendy? I've heard that Bill O'Reilly is Ann Coulter's love slave! ABC
Rick: You may very well be right, but by using words like "Goracle" you really undermine the effectiveness of the facts. ABC
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