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I live in Phoenix. I woke up at 3 a.m. today and it was 97 degrees out. I always say we have 3 months of hell but 9 months of heaven.
I hope you are listening Alex Jones, ha ha.
What a kind and thoughtful response, Mr. Bonine. I agree 100%.
I remember the Met Café well. My mom used to be a server in I would guess the late 50's or early 60's. Her name was "Jonny". The Met also served as the bus stop for many years where people would get o + 266 more characters
Is this place open yet? I'm coming home to Miles for a visit in September and would love to check it out.
While we are on the topic of old TV shows, here's one that has been nagging at me for years. There was (I believe) either a newsman or a weatherman who used to give away his paintings if you wrote to + 131 more characters
I found this Facebook page (Nightmare Theatre). There is a clip on the page that says it is the only known clip in existence. Sure brought back memories! + 26 more characters
I grew up in MC and I am very familiar with the amount of flies and mosquitoes the town can have. I still contend that a restaurant should rid themselves of these unsanitary pests. It's not like we we + 224 more characters
5 of us ate at the Black Iron Grill recently while in MC. I requested a grilled cheese which was not on the menu and they kindly made one for me. I love the ambiance but the one thing that was not enj + 253 more characters
I have tons of grammar pet peeves but here are two that are right up there: "Her and I went to the store, etc." and "I seen". Argh!
Sad news. I am from MC originally and about ten years ago I was back and stayed at a hotel on Haynes Avenue (I forget which one). They had Gene's artwork displayed in the lobby. I mentioned how much I + 415 more characters
We got the recall notice back at the end of 2013. We took our 2010 Ram 2500 in as soon as we could but as of this writing, they STILL don't have the parts to replace. We are on the road with our fifth + 89 more characters
Connie (Rost) Michels, CCHS class of 1970. One of the sweetest gals I ever knew. RIP, Connie. :-)
What a blast from the past. I have been gone from MC since 1983 but there is only one teacher who really stands out for me and that is Delmar Zezula. He was great. The thing I remember the most about + 145 more characters
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