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What about the horse cutters and the futurity horse. Can't the star go out there, they just sit around.
Kelly you are one sick person.....korkyII
I did the same with Clinton and Obama....korky II
The supreme court or any other court only makes a ruling when there is a difference of opinion as to what any part of the constitution means. Outside of that the meanining of the constitution is not t + 231 more characters
Howdy If you even had a clue of what ur talking about you might be dangerous, however you don't so I'm just going to consider anything you say as garbage and leave it at that. Not even going to answer + 32 more characters
Duffy, federal laws are not supposed to go against the constitution and when they do the constitution will be upheld. As it is right now any federal marshal etc coming into the jurisdiction of a count + 246 more characters
Bridgier, When a peace officer is sworn in they swear to uphold the constitution, not the federal gov't.
The law enforcement officers are as patriotic as you and they will uphold the constitution of the U.S. even when it disagrees with the Federal Government....korkyII
You are the one calling names and making accusations. I don'nt understand why Liberals have to resort to name calling and being so vindictive. I am more patriotic than you will ever know, and I know I + 138 more characters
Amorette, you are wrong. The sheriff in any county is the senior law enforcement officer in that county. The Feds challenged this a number of years ago in wyoming and lost the case. It was upheld by t + 184 more characters
The counselor has not broken any law or violated in any part the constitution. The reference to God did not refer to any religion or church. The counselor probably did not use good judgement by using + 210 more characters
Do you realize that the Sheriff in any county in any state is the senior law officer in that county. He is even senior to any federal agent. He has also sworn under oath to uphold the constitution and + 329 more characters
If you are a communist sympathizer...am glad you left.,....korkyll
Buck if it fits wear it. Your'e the one that brought it up. KDuffy, how does all this fit in with hugging trees? .......korkyll
Look who's calling who a moocher. If ya only knew Bridgier, if ya only knew.
This is the wacko hall of fame.....korkyll
I agree with Cheryl, If you all think the gov't is the answer and can take care of people. Go take a look at the indians theyr'e taking care of. ........korkyll
A person is declared dead by a medical examiner when his or her heart stops beating. Why isn't a person considered alive by a medical doctor when a persons heart starts beating ?.......korkyii
Complete and total trash. Thats the problem in the United States right now. They are removing God from everything. Without God this country is nothing. You are entitled to your opinion, I am entitled + 8 more characters
Like I said reading what you all post here is a good laugh. As for Bob L I can see by what you post you are probably not old enough to shave yet and if you are everything is about you you, you....kork + 3 more characters
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