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I suspect your right Mr. Bonine. It appears President Trump doesn't have what it takes to lead our nation let alone lead the world. Its a sad time for America and really ironic when you consider Trump + 166 more characters
Cenex has a pipeline that goes from their refinery in Laurel to Minot, NoDak. I read somewhere they are replacing it. Maybe this is that pipeline? Nice to see pictures from that area of Montana. Makes + 69 more characters
Thanks for posting the pitchers, David. Is this bank replacing their bank on Main Street or is this going to be a second location in Miles City? If it replaces the Main Street bank what is going to ha + 29 more characters
There you have it Redheadguy:: Take Scooter's comments with a very large grain of salt.
Scooterdog, you said, Then you told cubby, DOC as in the Department of Corrections? Do you have a source for your 70%statistic? This 2015 report from the Montana DOC says the Montana State Prison ha + 411 more characters
Is misspelling Hungary 'Hungry' part of the joke?
Thanks for the offer MCFRmedic, but I'm pert near 80 years old and unfortanately my eyes, ears, and limbs are showing it. Also I spend my winters in warmers climates now days. Its hard for an old time + 196 more characters
I think it has been discussed before but it could be time to reconsider moving to an all-volunteer fire department.
What's next? "Taxes provide the schools and keep them staffed with teachers, but they bill parents for the inconvenience caused by students actually showing up in the classroom... so the burden isn't + 18 more characters
Trolling? How about, pointing out the flaw in your logic.
With apologies to DJ4, “Sam Colt is an idiot” About 35,700,000 results (0.28 seconds) “Sam Colt from Montana is an idiot” About 12,200,000 results (0.67 seconds) “Sam Colt from Terry is an idiot” Abou + 113 more characters
Sam you seem to suffer from some sort of personality defect and its not an endearing one.
In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (su + 243 more characters
Webmaster, I know the feeling. (Smile) I do enjoy the website and I thank you for your hard work. Walt [Edited by Walt Meredith (11/17/2016 8:03:05 PM)] [Edited by Walt Meredith (11/17/2016 8:04:02 PM + 2 more characters
I'm sorry, I meant David. Not Scott.
Thank you, Scott. I hope your right. And thanks again to Jeri, Mary, and Gunner. I just wish the people who voted me down would speak up and say what their thinking. For now I think I will go back to + 118 more characters
Thank you for your feedback. It makes me mad because I have been paying into Medicare for many years. I am worried about not being able to pay for healthcare when I retire. I guess I will work until t + 37 more characters
If your going to vote me down at least have the decency to give feedback. Thats exactly why I never post on this site. Eveyone is so busy voting each other down and theres never any meaningful discuss + 87 more characters
Laugh now but you won't think its so funny when Trump and Ryan take away Medicare. You will get a voucher to go buy medical insurance on the private market. How expensive will private insurance be for + 81 more characters
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