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Look kids; Big Ben, Parliament! Can't seem to get left.... Who can name that movie "round a bout" referance
along the "anything Marley" vein- been listening to Dred Zepplin lately also really enjoy Gretchen Wilson's cover of Heart's "Barracuda" shes wasting her voice on pop-country
Somewhat off topic but...what is the history of the triangular shaped building across the street from the depot? In my opinion that is a very neat looking place as well...
Thanks for the info, I assume from looking at the map that I will need it, if I read the map correctly... My thought being that getting the insurance now may be a selling point, as the potential buyer + 29 more characters
If I understand correctly if I buy the insurance now the rates will be cheaper than after a certain date? If I dont insure now and then later try to sell the prospective buyer wont be able to insure b + 376 more characters
The newspaper the other night had a website for our new flood map, I have since gotten rid of the paper. Does anyone have the address so I can look it up? Thanks-
I am trying something new to help students and parents stay current on what we are doing in our Tools For Life (TFL) Auto I and Auto II classes. I will post assignments as well as updates on what we a + 202 more characters
I might be totally wrong here but I seem to remember his new wife was living with the family for a time before his wifes death.
What is the ownership of Woodruff, if its not federal, is it state?? Not trying to stir the pot, just curious. I do know you have to pass through private propery to get to the gate.
Is it legal to spray paint trees on federal property??
neat...I may be wrong but I thought the artists name is Brett Badgett, not Brent???
I dont know if he is the best "technician" ever but John Bonhams influence can be heard in tons of metal rhythym sections...
The Mayor makes a great point. The dike would make an excellent walking/running path closed to traffic. Several recreation access points could be included to allow those who want to have acces for fis + 1267 more characters
El Camino bar none - '58 with the fins to the LS6 SS, Ranchero (my wife calls them ranch camaros ) cant hold a candle to 'em The ones that had the GT or whatever it is trim are kinda cool though...
Beck, not Jeff Beck, just Beck
"The Ford Y-Block", yes, it is a book about the y-block series of engines...my library is probably pretty boring by most standards
hold a Gibson SG in person and then look at a pic of Angus with his SG and you realize how small in stature he is, I think Malcom Young and Brian Williams are pretty short too...
You are absolutely correct about the Nuge' - it had a very right wing rally type feel to it, spent a good amount of time hacking on South Dakotas Dems during the show (that is where the show was I att + 678 more characters
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