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Carl, I really hate wasting my time replying to your posts but...You really have no idea what you are talking about. Plus your posts are very confusing to read. You are quite wishy-washy in your state + 532 more characters
It still amazes me after living my entire life in Miles City that certain groups think that they own the rights to public lands and rivers. I personally own campers, jet skis, boats, guns, fishing pol + 1399 more characters
Very true and you have a contract.
Sheryl, I made no "digs" at HRH. You are the one who wanted to know what nurses are afraid of and I answered your question. I'm sorry you didn't like the answer but it is the truth. I also felt it nec + 1382 more characters
Sheryl, I think you may have misread the posts or misinterpreted them. Tell me how many 15-16 hour shifts have you worked with no breaks and no lunch? How many patients do you think you can take care + 621 more characters
Ricahard, I knew Sister Ruth very well and she would have been very upset with how the hospital has treated its employees. She propably would have made the signs. Whatareuthinking, Your words make me + 254 more characters
Whatareuthinking, So how many Montana union hospitals have you worked for as a nurse?You seem to be quite an expert. All I can tell you is nurses that work in Montana for union hospitals certainly mak + 1083 more characters
F.Nightingale is definatley a very smart person who obviously and unfortunately must have deep wounds inflicited by HRH. Unfortunately there have been quite a few former employees in that category ove + 2453 more characters
Wendy Wilson it would take a lawyer to see the true picture here (I think your picketing the wrong medical facility). Do not get me wrong I think Dr. Rauh is one of the best physicians I have ever + 1332 more characters
Unfortunatley all of this is not a suprise to many of us in the medical community. Also before people pack up and move to the other side of the street, know things are not grand there either. Many yea + 1104 more characters
I must say I whole heartedly agree with Matt's post. It certainly is Vanmarel's choice to leave and I'm not going to argue with that. As my mother always said "all things painted gold are not golden". + 2074 more characters
Absolutely. Doing it now before the new map goes into effect is key. You can even sell this policy to new owners when and if you sell your home. The lower rates will also stay in effect.
Steve, Never once did I try to make this thread anything about building or not building my own home in the flood plain. I was just sharing some prior knowledge and lessons I have learned. I am most co + 1045 more characters
Wow Steve, hindsight is 20/20 and "if its and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas". I'm more into foresight. Like how do we go about rebuilding Miles City's Main Street and can we + 1 more characters
Yes, you can rebuild on a floodplain but your structure needs to be above flood plain level, in addition to many other building modifications. So many that it was too costly for us to put in a single + 249 more characters
The dental office is just out of the current flood plain. Most of Miles City is in the new proposed flood map. Which is very unfortunate.
Vicki you are correct that part of main is unfortunatley already in the flood plain map drafted in 1983. So city ordinances would not allow the building of any inhabitable space below flood plain leve + 64 more characters
I was just thinking of something very sad It strange how things always seem to come back to bite us. How can you rebuild a Main Street that is in a proposed flood zone? Mayor do you have any ideas. Ma + 30 more characters
TamiLY, I apolgize for trying to point out the humor in your post.I was trying to go with your theme of dishonest and greedy and evil was the only picture I found to go with it. I do not feel their m + 1128 more characters
Mayor Whalen, No they are not. They tried to organize a collective barganing unit with the MNA appox. 2 years ago but it failed by 3 votes. The nurses had to endure a torturous anti-union campaign(cor + 187 more characters
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