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At 5:25pm on the webcam Miles City looks like it is a waterfront town with the blue clouds behind the buildings. It looks really cool.
Just a garden snake. I don't mind them as long as they don't surprise me.
Your timing is impeccable Hal! Nature is awesome, isn't it? Yesterday I was weeding under a California lilac bush and I knew I might run into a snake but I didn't. When I was done weeding I watered it + 76 more characters
I just looked at the eagle's nest and it is really rockin' and rollin' tonight. The wind must be horrible. Poor eagle must think there is an earthquake.
Diesel dropped to $2.969 per gallon today and unleaded is $2.529 per gallon in Belfair WA. Yay!
We had our normal 2 (new neighbors that moved in 2 years ago have 2 little kids). Before them, zero, but I make sure we have at least 6 bags of candy (good chocolate bars of course). We live in Grapev + 8 more characters
Hal, when we lived on Adak Island, the big saying about anything ordered was "it's on the barge" and they knew what you meant. Brought back memories!
My sister lived out there, and she got UPS deliveries all the time. Ask someone at the county. Ask Kathy Roberts, she'll probably know-436-2453.
Amorette, you are not old, you are younger than I am and I am not old. The Airport Inn rocks and always has.
Just for an update, Michael Lafayette received his double lung transplant today in Seattle. Best wishes cousin Michael!
If Martin or Zimmerman would have been taught right from wrong from their parents, this probably wouldn't have happened. Why is it that so many don't know how to have a civil conversation? Why does ev + 200 more characters
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