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Here's hoping that the recipients of this year's Outstanding Wrestler award have the moral courage that the host school and its head wrestling coach utterly lack and decline a trophy that's been irrev + 341 more characters
I admire your optimism, Richard, but I have to ask: Where is the lie in Gunnar's statement? Giving people an excuse gives them yet another chance to evade responsibility. I would be inclined to be mor + 2241 more characters
I was notified today that the Miles City Unified School District has contacted their attorney regarding my social media posts and correspondence with them regarding the decision to rename the Cowboy I + 1849 more characters
Amorette - I realize that, but it was Mr. Prutsok who chose to be disingenuous in his conversation with me, so it's Mr. Prutsok who I'll be happy to paint as a jerk.
url Mike here certainly likes child rape-enablers a lot more than he does accountability, doesn't he? Speaking of which, instead of a hypothetical situation in which someone named an award "The Kills + 610 more characters
To be fair, the sports reporter and editor were on board with running my letter to the editor. The decision not to run it was made solely by their publisher, Andy Prutsok.
Oh please. Yes you were, Mike. Both of us know you were. People don't say "you seem bitter" unless they are. And as bitter as I admittedly am, I have been nothing but sincere with you, so the very lea + 1311 more characters
Ha! I had forgotten that this forum changes fuck to 'procreate' and shit to "poop." It's been awhile. Good times, good times. [Edited by Brian A. Reed (1/17/2022 10:19:39 PM)]
Mike. I will say this once. Don't ever - and I mean *ever* - patronize me again. Do NOT try to minimize someone else's trauma with a Holocaust reference. It's a disgusting and transparent tactic. Who + 1749 more characters
Vince Gundlach was there when this all happened with Jensen and Jack Raymond. As a basketball coach, he used to laugh when his players - looking at you, Kevin Wlcox - mocked the wrestling team for bei + 1889 more characters
I held back, believe me.
This is a letter to the Miles City Star I submitted on Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022 in response to the front page tribute for the deceased former CCDHS teacher and wrestling coach Jack Raymond that ran on t + 6434 more characters
Chances are good, Gunnar! I daresay they improve with every customer the good folks at AD Astra Air Duct Cleaning get in the Miles City area. They do good work and they're good people. *Contractual + 33 more characters
I'll be honest: I think the Cowboys have better than a puncher's chance in this game. They fought Central hard last time out and they had several key players out, especially on defense. I don't believ + 14919 more characters
Another thought: In 2001, I watched one of the best individual performances I have ever seen on a football field. Miles City was getting crushed by Central (and these were in the pre-Jim Stanton days, + 1317 more characters
Hi Parlay, I appreciate what you said and the way you presented it. You were respectful and I understand the sentiment behind your words. Thank you for that. The reason I post individual stats - and + 2773 more characters
The Cowboys will play Central in the first round, with the winner going on to face Polson. Even though the Rams beat Miles City fairly handily last week, I think the Cowboys have at least a puncher's + 201 more characters
Cowboys 42, Glendive 6. Playoff-bound!
Polson won! If the Cowboys "hang on" for the win they'll make the playoffs!
Polson is up, 27-0 just before the half. All the Cowboys have to do in order to make the playoffs is win! Go Cowboys!
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