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I held back, believe me.
This is a letter to the Miles City Star I submitted on Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022 in response to the front page tribute for the deceased former CCDHS teacher and wrestling coach Jack Raymond that ran on t + 6434 more characters
Chances are good, Gunnar! I daresay they improve with every customer the good folks at AD Astra Air Duct Cleaning get in the Miles City area. They do good work and they're good people. *Contractual + 33 more characters
I'll be honest: I think the Cowboys have better than a puncher's chance in this game. They fought Central hard last time out and they had several key players out, especially on defense. I don't believ + 14919 more characters
Another thought: In 2001, I watched one of the best individual performances I have ever seen on a football field. Miles City was getting crushed by Central (and these were in the pre-Jim Stanton days, + 1317 more characters
Hi Parlay, I appreciate what you said and the way you presented it. You were respectful and I understand the sentiment behind your words. Thank you for that. The reason I post individual stats - and + 2773 more characters
The Cowboys will play Central in the first round, with the winner going on to face Polson. Even though the Rams beat Miles City fairly handily last week, I think the Cowboys have at least a puncher's + 201 more characters
Cowboys 42, Glendive 6. Playoff-bound!
Polson won! If the Cowboys "hang on" for the win they'll make the playoffs!
Polson is up, 27-0 just before the half. All the Cowboys have to do in order to make the playoffs is win! Go Cowboys!
Here's what will have to happen for the Cowboys to make the playoffs: 1.) Beat Glendive. 2.) Polson beats Havre. Should both of those things happen, the Cowboys would travel to Lewistown in the firs + 7481 more characters
Final: Laurel 28, Cowboys 7. Worst home loss to Laurel in terms of point differential in CCDHS history. I will put forth a proportionate amount of effort here. The Good: Since the Cowboys have been + 824 more characters
They may have lost their best player for the season, but least Laurel showed up for the game. Here's hoping the Cowboys' bus can find Denton Field before the second half starts. Teams generally don't + 90 more characters
In anticipation of tonight's game between the Cowboys and the Locomotives, here are some of the best performances posted by Miles City players against Laurel through the years: Rushing 1.) Keith Witt + 2346 more characters
Here are your Class A leaders for passing, rushing, and receiving through games of 10/1: Passing (ranked by yards per game): Dakota Bridwell, Columbia Falls - 90-142-1518-24-3 (303.6 ypg) Gabe Gundl + 7159 more characters
The Cowboys just got a gift that no one has any business accepting. Laurel's Casey Cole (QB) and Trevor Heying (TE) both have broken fibulas and are done for the season. Cole is one of the best player + 95 more characters
Talk about answering the bell! Way to go, Cowboys! I will have much more later, but I wanted to make sure people had the stats for the game ASAP. Miles City Team Stats Team Passing - 21-25-256-3-2 T + 4945 more characters
Thank you, Ike and Bob. I have never done stats for personal attention, but I do take them seriously. I figure that someone has to do it, so it might as well be me. I don't need people to thank me, bu + 173 more characters
Levi, when you feel that you have put as much time and effort into researching and providing stats and analysis as I have over the last 16 years, then you can feel free to criticize the info I post or + 1348 more characters
Here are your Class A leaders for passing, rushing, and receiving through games of 9/23: Passing (ranked by yards per game): Dakota Bridwell, Columbia Falls - 69-108-1249-22-1 (312.3 ypg) Gabe Gundl + 3744 more characters
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