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Rick, WOW!
You want to see party line voting then look up Dick Cheany's record.
Kyle, Point of interest. The Parks Department has never borrowed money, never went in the red and never over spent. In fact we gave back $25,000 this year to the general fund. Where that money go? You + 404 more characters
Chuck, well said. I had Nancy for study hall and FCA. She truly cared about her kids. What a since of humor. Was there anyone funnier than Nancy? Being Friends with the Kaily's I got to know Nancy pre + 123 more characters
Good job Jane. If you would like some more true facts, hit. url
Good to know cherry, my family can rest easy now. Thanks.
Ya congrats!!!!? I'll remember that when I am down at the unemployment office.
What do you do for recreation? Oh the usual. Bowl, drive around. The accasional acid flashback. The Big Lewbowski
Good research Rick. Do you have any other hobbies?
Oh ya and they are going to gut the VA.
The attempted provitization of Social Security and Medicare are alligations? As long as we are on the low road lets not forget Iran Contra or Water Gate. There is plenty to go around. My point was onc + 89 more characters
What is more sinful getting a humer in the oval office or systematically destroying the middle class of America for your own Biblical and Fuedalistic dreams.
J Dyba, you are absolutly right. The two party system stinks. I wish that a strong third pary would emerage (like the Labor Pary in GB) Myself- I started out as a Republican because of my concervitive + 809 more characters
Rick, you said it. Spoken like a true Republican. If you got money you "would be crazy not to", have it over sees. Haliburton has an office in the Caribean (broom closet in a bank- 60 Minutes) that al + 272 more characters
The President will be a Hero. He brought us peace.-- But there was never a war.-- All the greater accomplishment then. Wag The Dog- 1997
Do not forget the Vice President I am sure he wouldn't have any off shore accounts.
Rick, Yes but JFK was not talking about the most lopsided tax cut in history. He was talking about reducing taxes for all tax payers including the middle class.
Interesting tidbit. Wal-mart and Costco have now moved publically into the political arena. Jim Sinegal, 68, Democrate- Chief Executive Officer of Costco supports John Kerry for President. Says Bush's + 589 more characters
When coaching Football one must stop step back and take a look at your own play calling. Much like you do with an opponent. An example might be that you run the ball to the right more often than the l + 750 more characters
Every time I turn around they are eliminating places for highschoolers to drink. What is up with that.
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