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"Bridger" your little blows about anonymity and how people dont use there real names on some issues thay choose to post is ridiculous just shows your real concerns so why waste your time and your inpu + 817 more characters
Its funny you say that "bridger" I could care less on your opinion on people using a screen name on its my right to use what ever name i choose just like yourself your not using your rea + 1094 more characters
? Robert Alton Gotschall, 32, is considered a Level 3 offender. Level 3 offenders have been determined by state corrections officials to be the highest risk to re-offend. Gotschall was charged in Big + 862 more characters
Fact montana does not have your info! montana has your charge of 2nd degree sex offender!!! Big stone Minnesota has your charges and all of your info!! You did not commit the crime in montana so who e + 494 more characters
He did while babysitting him maybe you should look into that michelle its called public information and you can get it at your local court house am done here made my point
You are still a sex offender you still raped a five year old child ten different time!!! I can post what ever I please to make the public aware of what you have done and i most say that this says alot + 367 more characters
He is no longer on probation
Thank you to all who has payed attention to this post thank you very much for being on my side I have two children of my own and a 14 year old stepson who hangs out there in his free time something ne + 31 more characters
Google robert gotschall in big stone mn 1996 sex offender and everything will pop up on him then you can google miles city sex offenders and his picture and his info is on there but googl (big stone m + 13 more characters
To who ever didnt like my last post he raped a five year old child on ten different occasions while he was babysittin this child he only did four years of prison thay say he is the highest to re affen + 570 more characters
Photo Date: 10/4/2013 Gotschall, Robert Alton 43 year old Male Date of Birth:03/15/1971Offender Type:Sexual, Level 3Designation:Sexually Violent PredatorAlso Known As:Gotchschall, Robert Alton Known + 627 more characters
This was the worst thing that has ever happend in the bair family thanks to everyone who helped take care of there family though that very hard time
It is very nerve racking to know that these type of people come and go freely where ever thay like I dont know what type of offense he has committed but its a 2nd degree sexual offense does not say if + 92 more characters
Dear miles city I have witness a sex offender at are local game stop on main street where are local children hang out and I thank its beyond wrong pay attention to where your children are going and wh + 96 more characters
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