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they could they just refuse to.
well technically i do live just out of city limits but its still not right to let these people live like this. and it is only because they know people so the cops wont do anything. i just want them to + 74 more characters
You do seem a little more angered than should be. I do believe that the windows are tinted and who is driving is just hard to see at night. Maybe next time you should get the number off of the squad c + 246 more characters
Actually I live next to people who have tons of junk in their yard, fridges, tires, trucks, just junk and they also have 3 to 4 pitbulls, 2 rotweilers, 2 sheep, 1 goat, chickens that rule the road and + 706 more characters
i understand that it's linked together but its just the way she said it 'no amount of entertainment is gonna stop drugs, sex and rock and roll' or however she wrote it. it just seemed a little thrown + 9 more characters
wow ppl are actually putting rock and roll in with sex and drugs? what's the problem with rock and roll may i ask? its not like you can get pregnant listening to it or get high so y did you even put t + 788 more characters
wow ppl come on. act your ages, this is a discussion about marijuana legalization. this isn't the right place to bash ppl and get into arugements such as this meth thing. we get the point, now can eve + 19 more characters
I totally agree with making pot legal. Ppl really are only gonna see what they want about the drug and that will never change. Like the couch potatoe thing, I see ppl who smoke marijuana out and about + 356 more characters
love you guys i forgive you for missing my wedding lol
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