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Thanks for the info! And I can imagine there were some very nervous people!
I was near Moon Creek and noticed smoke south of MC, I remembered that I had heard on the radio they were going to be doing a controlled burn. But for the life of me cannot remember where they said th + 293 more characters
Thanks! I've heard from others since posting this that it is free for public use, just have to clean up after yourself!
I am wondering about the horseman's park arena, I believe that's what it is called. The one across from the fairgrounds kind of behind BLM. I heard that you can go ride in the arena free of use? I wou + 187 more characters
In the video it says they take outside vehicles, what types of work do they do on outside vehicles and who do you talk to about this? I have a car that I need the bad transmission taken out and the ne + 63 more characters
Miles City Chamber of Commerce does it.
I'd go ask at the veterinarians offices to see if they know of any, may be your best lead.
Yeah that's for sure, the only way anything will (hopefully) get done is if enough people get a hold of the main office. I'll have to keep that number you posted and get my call in!
We live on Moon Creek as well and are right there with you on being fed up. Although we haven't seemed to have this problem, we have had the issue of packages not showing up, although all of our other + 647 more characters
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Okay, thank you!
ISO 8 years ago
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I heard there's a guy in town that rebuilds starters? From what I was told he is an older gentleman and I want to say they said his name was Gene? If there is a guy that does this and if anyone knows + 91 more characters
My family lived in Hathaway for 3 years and we were always having problems with other peoples mail being delivered to our box, and the address wasn't even close to ours, so we always hoped that we got + 974 more characters
I agree I think these types of postings should not be posted until there is more info, such as after it has been posted on the newspaper or T.V. news-station website's. Aside from that, my dad was the + 154 more characters
I’m posting this for a friend who does not have an account but wanted to say thanks; here is what she has to say. “Just wanted to say thanks to the people of the Yellowstone Tavern, I lost a ring whic + 174 more characters
So I take it that's what's going in behind the new Sherwin William's building? If so YAY! I personally like Rue 21 much more than Maurice's!
Got the info we were looking for.
Here's they're website, url And on the homepage of the website it says to call Matt or Lori at 406-347-5353.
I live west of Moon Creek road and work in town & take classes at MCC as well. You can e-mail me through here if interested to see if anything would work out.
Here's the link to their website, their phone number's on there. url
I heard a woman was attacked too, didn't hear any details just that who I overheard talking about it was friends with whom it happened to.
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