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Caught some really big catfish at Mathews Recreational Area last year in early June. I used chicken livers that sat outside for 2 days.(the stinkier,the better) Put the liver on a on a medium sized ho + 118 more characters
2 babies! So cute!
Does anyone know what time the 13 year olds and up do their scrimmages on Sundays?
Thank you Liz!
My apple,pear,and cherry trees have the same problem. Our plum tree is the only one not afflicted. We live on Riverside Street. Any ideas on how to treat it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you Jeri for your donation!!! It will help out a lot!
Thank you Denise and Richard! These girls work their butts off selling this cookie dough. It pays for uniforms, travel, cheer t-shirts, concessions, and much more!!! Cheer funds are low right now. The + 212 more characters
If you would like us to come to you or your business with the brochure just e-mail or call.
You can call me at 852-3344 or email me through here with your address, phone number and order. All items are $16 and we will deliver them to you the week of September 8th-11th. Or if you know a CCDHS + 140 more characters
Cookies: Oatmeal Raisin Chunky Chocolate Chip Triple Chocolate Walnut Chunky Chocolate Chip White Chocolate Oatmeal Cranberry Snickerdoodle Peanut Butter M&M's Candies White Chocolate Macadamia Carame + 634 more characters
It's that time of year again for the Cheerleader Cookie dough fundraiser! Please support your CCDHS Cheer Squads!
There's no point in testing for recreational drug use. The only testing I agree with is PED's. What is Billings Central trying to accomplish with only testing for recreational drugs? That is a parents + 5 more characters
Oh Geez.
I am specifically talking about performance enhancing drugs. Not pot. Pot doesn't give a player a leg up on the competition. Yes, I know kids of all cliques smoke pot. We have 5 teenagers ourselves.
I'm not talking about the stoners. I'm talking about steroids and illegal enhancements. Equal playing field for all. I have no idea why they would be testing the band though.
I'm all for drug testing student athletes. They have to do it in college and professional leagues. Why not start now to ensure an equal playing field?
Did you have a garbage pickup the morning they went missing?? They run pretty early. Maybe a chance they mistook them for throw away items?
Pizza dough. That's how my mom used to do it.
Thank you!
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