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Please volunteer if you are able at the site you will pick up your basket. The Double drop at the hospital will be outside tomorrow, so dress warmly. Bring on the fresh produce!
We're down to 11 Baskets in Miles City. Maybe 3 sites a week is the right amount? Hoping to have enough volunteers to help me with the double drop at the Hospital!
That was fennel in the Organic Basket. Look up some great recipes--goes well with pasta. The Hospital will now have a double drop which means we will have twice as many baskets. PLEASE check your pick + 424 more characters
Custer County did sell out in less than an hour. Try next Monday at 10. If you can't find the county on the list, it is sold out. Each site has a maximum of 96 baskets. I think we need more sites!
Tomorrow at 10 a.m. you can contribute for either Sacred Heart or The Firehall. Next Monday for Sacred Heart or the Hospital. The only other week I am aware of with less than 2 sites in MC will be Buc + 186 more characters
There are a few baskets left in Roundup and Circle but that's about it for this area! Can't wait for Saturday!
Looks like Roundup is going as well as Sidney.
Great news if you want to participate! We now have 2 drop sites every Saturday. The Fire Hall and Sacred Heart School this week and the Hospital and Sacred Heart School next week. The response has bee + 560 more characters
The second BB site in Miles City is almost sold out! We love our fresh produce! Hurry if you want to participate!
Janel, you can only volunteer if you have contributed and it must be where you pick up your basket. It's a BB rule and has to do with some states where it is illegal to handle food you have not purcha + 206 more characters
Thank you Sacred Heart School for adding both the A and B weeks to Bountiful Baskets! The hospital site is sold out for this Saturday but there are some left at the school. Hurry if you want fresh pro + 275 more characters
The "A" and "B" trucks refer to the different routes and weeks they deliver. The site at the hospital is the "A" week. This Saturday is the "B" week drop. Thank you volunteers for all your help and ho + 360 more characters
Do you mean the vanilla beans or the coconut? There was a celeriac in the organic basket? We still need more sites and coordinators? Please let me know if you're interested! Kim
I just put some new info under Bountiful Baskets New. We sold out in under 16 minutes!!! We need more coordinators and sites to have 3-4 drops each week? Any volunteers? Kim
Wahoo! I can now announce a new drop site for the "B" truck beginning Feb 11 at 3 pm at Sacred Heart School Lunchroom. That means you can contribute next Monday beginning at noon for that new site! Ya + 156 more characters
Miles City, all 96 Bountiful Baskets sold out in under 16 minutes! Anyone else want to start another drop site in town? Please let me know so we can get at least 2 more sites for March!
Thank you Miles City for being so incredibly supportive of Bountiful Baskets! Here's a reminder about participating for this Saturday. It begins at noon today until we sell out (which will be FAST)! " + 948 more characters
Our site sold out in 3 hours! I'm so sorry to everyone that will miss out this Saturday! Look at Colstrip and Jordan or wait until Feb when we get the "B" truck going along with our "A" truck! Does an + 86 more characters
There are only 2 left (probably gone by now). There are still many available in Colstrip and Jordan. If people want to combine and carpool, I would recommend either site. If someone is willing to driv + 85 more characters
Keep trying and stay with it! We are down in the low 20s left! Sign in and then try to participate. The website is very busy and was having problems right at noon! Good luck! I know many will not get + 61 more characters
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