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I believe chocolate is a vegetable.
I think I've got you all beat. For humor, for adventure, for true human drama, I'm reading...Western Civilization I midterm essays! Bluebooks, gotta love 'em.
Perhaps the MM referred to was the current MM's ancestor? According to THIS LAST WEST by Dr. Hoopes, the original MM arrived here about 1884. His wife was from Sweden and her name was Jennie. No maide + 17 more characters
Saw Johnnie last week. I'll give her a call and tell her to check out this site.
I have access to some old Catholic records, I think they're marriages and baptisms. I'll try and remember to check them out. Kick me if I forget!!
It's interesting that Miles Citiana is so hot for collectors and yet people in MC don't know a lot about our history. Ironic!
Didn't Ethel White Moon live in the area that is today the golf course? My memory of Carbon Hill is that there was a Girl Scout camp out there--seemed like the back of beyond then and the area is dev + 396 more characters
As far as I know, there aren't a lot of records. This happened in wartime and people were pretty much on their own...they were even told not to request medical supplies as most of these were going to + 140 more characters
I agree with Brandon, I use Quill and have never had any problems!!
I always amazes me when I hear people say, "There's nothing to do!" I'm always so busy I try to figure out ways to stay at home!
I must say, I never noticed how many trains go through this town, until I started getting stuck behind one, at least once a day! I'm just hoping there's no emergency ambulance stuck on the wrong side + 28 more characters
Thanks for the info. I'm wondering though, if insurance rates and such are part of the problem of trying to get skateparks open. But it sounds like a great idea.
In the 1920 Custer Co. Census Index there are two Moffats listed, Mary (aged 54, born in Canada, living at 707 N. Lake Ave) and James E, aged 24, born in North Dakota, a Railroad carman, living at the + 200 more characters
There is a Franklin Shreve listed in "This Last West" as being in Miles City in 1882, but there isn't any information given about him. The Custer Co. Cemetery Index lists Carrie C. Shreve, born 1889 a + 127 more characters
Would it be possible to do a generic "Shop The Old West--Visit Downtown Miles City" sort of sign, instead of individual businesses doing it? Maybe something like that could be paid for with fees to th + 53 more characters
I have to say, if those old buildings were as ready to fall down as suggested, Main St. wouldn't have been blocked off for several days to allow many, many pieces of heavy machinery the space and time + 1039 more characters
My dream restaurant would be one that was firstly, non-smoking and non-casino (which I won't elaborate on, as this has already been commented on). Then, I think it would be great to have a restaurant + 417 more characters
Glad everyone enjoyed the Tour! After many requests, I'm thinking about moving it to fall next year. One of these times, someone is going to keel over in the heat and then I'll feel awful! What does e + 56 more characters
I guess I'm puzzled as to why the Bank couldn't renovate the buildings and put their offices there, thereby getting the best of both worlds. As for being ugly old buildings, well, that was what was s + 783 more characters
This isn't familiar, but is surely a book I'd like to see!
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